Monday, August 21, 2006


First of all, thanks to Bry, Kiko etc… No… alcohol doesn’t solve anything but I’ll take that beer or shot of vodka anytime just to make my brain go numb. And to kiko… good luck with your diving.

I guess I’m over-reacting. I’m not really tired. I’m just bored. Bored again. In a different level. I’m bored because I’m not having fun anymore. Advil cannot help save me in this form of boredom. So… hehehe… I asked my “stylist” to dye my hair. Harhar. Way back in college, I was obsessed with having my hair dyed. I was Kool-Aid’s number one customer. Thanks to MTV, I learned how to dye my hair using strawberry kool-aid. But I never did figured out how to really dye my hair with Kool-Aid. Nilalanggam lang ako. My hair is really sweet and tasty. So I decided to buy some hair coloring products and dyed my hair myself. Disaster I tell you. I tried it all – Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Bleach. Well, not everything at the same time. Almost every 2 months in my 2nd year at College. Back then, I was given the nick of Kool-Aid kid (in our org sig-sheet). Well, Tanj gave me a different nickname – Carpet. People asked me why I dyed my hair. I told them that because it’s fun and I really just want to. Maybe I crave attention, maybe I’m giving a statement. Or maybe, isa lang akong punkista!

So last Saturday, I want to Danny’s to have my haircut. He gave me all kinds of haircut since 1998. The Navy hair cut, the HS student cut, the totoy cut, baby Mohawk, spiked style, etc. He told me that he’ll just cut my hair "short-haired-korean style." Wahahaha. Actually, mukha lang syang wash and wear styled hair. At least it will just take me a couple of minutes to put wax/gel on my hair. Then I asked him if he could dye it. He asked kung highlights lang. Sabi ko, gusto ko lahat. I told him na dark brown and he said that may idea sya kung anong kulay. So, inoffer ko na lang yung buhok ko sa kanya. In less than 30 minutes, I saw my newly dyed hair. Anong kulay? “Golden Brown.” Ano ako, deep fried chicken? Wahahaha. Well, I really liked my new hair.

Now now… I know… bukas, people at work will ask me kung bakit ako nagpakulay, or kung anong ginawa ko sa buhok ko in negative tones. Hmmm… paki mo. Okay, milder approach… because this is me having fun.

Scene 1:
THEM: Anong ginawa mo sa buhok mo? Nagpakulay ka?
ME: Hindi, nabasa, kumupas.

Scene 2:
THEM: Anong nangyari sa buhok mo?
ME: Eto? Stress yan. Pag naaasar ako magkulay green yan.

Scene 3:
THEM: Bakit ka nagpakulay ng buhok?
ME: Bakit ganyan ang suot mo?

My point…. Walang paki-elaman... Enough about my hair. Hmmm…

Last Friday, we had our August Happy Hour/Teambuilding activity at Alabang Racquet Club called Work Cup 2006. It was nice. Yun lang. Anyway, I saw Joel (Bo-ot). College org mate. He gained weight, sobra. But he played badminton really well. Back to Work Cup… after playing badminton, we went to Manong’s to grab some late dinner. C called me and asked me if I’m going to G’s party. I said no, kasi I was not invited. Well, our conversation lead to some catching up, what happened to E, and kung may opening sa kanila. Dinner was okay. Pictures to be posted soon.

Ano pa ba kwento ko sa inyo? Okay... eto na lang. Di ako “feeling” or “assuming” pero may text-stalker ako. Or anonymous text mate. Whatev. Mula 6am hanggang midnight walang tigil kaka-text. It started with forwarded SMS which I found harmless. Baka old HS/College classmate. Then, last week, I received weird messages. Kumain na daw siya. Kumain na ba daw ako. Uwi na daw siya. Etc. I have this feeling na taga-office yung nagtetext sa akin. (1) ang aga magtext, mga 6am. Start ng office naming is 7am. (2) Nagtext sya na uwian na. nagtext siya around 4pm. Hanggang 4pm lang regular office hours sa amin. Scary. Well, bahala sya. Basta wag lang one day eh ma-kidnap ako at ma-rape. Bata pa ako.

Hay, dami ko kwento. Miss ko na ‘to. Blog therapy. Siguro next week may maa-asar na naman sa post kong ‘to. Naku. Bahala ka.

Wish me lots of luck this week. First RRP (resource requirement planning… san ka pa!?) analysis. I’m finalizing my monthly report. Oh-Em-Gee (hahahaha), dami kong ginawa pala nitong August. Kaya siguro masyado akong pagod. Quantifying my projects sa office, I guessed I already saved 1 million dollars again and all I get is a tap from the back (tangina magkaka-scholio ako!).

Fearless forecast. 6 na nagresign this year. May 3 pa siguro. Clue? Wag na. Basta mag-observe lang kayo dyan.

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juOn said...

Ako I just had my hair realaxed. bwahahahahahaha