Saturday, August 05, 2006

Dance With Me?

Things to remember when dancing in a club (near me):

1. If your on the dance floor, dance. Bopping from one foot the other does not count.

2. If you smile at me I will smile back, I'm friendly, and a flirt. That's all…

3. If the dancefloor is not full and the first dance move you make involves stepping on my foot then you are too close.

4. Just because you repeatedly bump into me in drug induced dance ‘style’ does not mean I’m trying to pick you up.

5. Don’t just stand there and stare, I can feel you looking and its really off putting. Don't try to hypnotise me... it won't work.

6. If you’re hot, try and break away from your group on the dancefloor so I can try pick you up... Flirt with you in the dancefloor. It’s scary trying to approach a group.

7. If you take anything onto the dancefloor other then your ‘groove’ you will loose all respect. Don'y bring your lit up cigarette, beer bottle, glass alcohol, or your purse. I don't want alcohol spilled in my shirt nor cigarette burns...

8. Smile. Its not hard, its even meant to be fun…but remember rule number 2.

9. If the beat drops on a track and I'm going off and getting down with the tune…that is not the right time to come over put your hand on my shoulder to introduce yourself and deliver a bad pickup line. Your just ruining the best part of the song.

10. If you ask me a question I will answer it nicely and in a friendly way, because I am friendly and nice. Not because I want to sleep with you nor dance with you.

So, are you ready to dance with me?

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