Thursday, August 24, 2006

Blog Party?

Here’s an idea, which is not really mine (read about it from DUPs blog). Bry also mentioned that he wants to meet up with Bloggers when he comes home in October (ey Bry, don’t forget my pasalubong).

Web Logs are such a biggie nowadays. Everyone blogs. Fictional, non-fictional, whatev. The blog community is growing exponentially. It’s the new YahooGroups. Personal lives available at your disposal. You don’t shit on them, you just have to read and give your pseudo anonymous comments. You post nekkid pictures (LOL), mp3s, videos, or how you stalk people. You tell exaggerated stories, fictional tales, and how you hate your life. Haha!

How about a Blog Party dry run here in Pinas?

1. Meet either in Greenbelt, Eastwood or somewhere in Baywalk. Have dinner and a couple of drinks
2. After dinner and drinks, have more drinks. Hahaha… Or maybe get some coffee.

As simple as that. Again, just a dry run. Someplace where bloggers can meet up and just talk. It'll be nice to put a real live face instead of looking at your blog pics.

I haven’t thought of a time and date yet. I'm not sure who wants to be part of this dry run. Maybe next month. When we have less rain.

So anyone interested?

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brodiz said...

please see my post, "person to person communication." It is actually a comment for this post. But I would prefer sharing this to others. thanks!