Monday, July 31, 2006

You Got Spam

If you're bored (just like me), try reading some spam/junk emails. Just don't open the attachments. Here are a couple of junk emails that I received...

Its Sara78 from the dating site. I just uploaded a new profilewith the nauwghty pics of me.I think you will be very happy when you see me. Lets chat and maybe go out on a date. Y'know if you dont like me you can just search out some other woman to hook up with. [owww... you're so nauwghty... LOL]

Theres some things a woman can wait too long to change her mind about, she said dryly. Actually he could not tell himself what kind of person hewas. She, he continued jabbing upward with one thumb, is my wife, Mrs. The last, the dear last of us all, he thought looking at the boys golden head. Next morning the room for the first time for months seemed washed with a happy light as he woke. Several, said Anthony, but most of the clever epitaphs are in Latin. Have you heardthe new song the gamins are singing? Vincent was indeed a fire with excitement. Anthony who could return to her knees, in dreams? Unlessyou have devoted some time during the day to prayer you mayconsider it wasted, you know. The captain, his face more fiery than before, was hailing them. Presently a little girl was carried away gasping and moaning. No, there was a strong mysterious drag on it, he felt. They walked down past the brig a little farther giving their eyes a sailors treat. Suddenly in the middle of it a hen was disturbed and went off cackling. Its na miracle the French hae no seized yon brig, said McNab as they were ferried across. On the end of the spar was a yellow ivory ball like a dolls head. Its gracefully curved limbs seemed straining outward. Come on, Jane, said Captain Elisha appreciating the housekeepers finesse. The nasal tune twanged its way about the mouldering frescoes. Holding these objects majestically before him, Philadelphia ushered them up the steps. Jorham trailed behind her a long sea-green skirt of a mid-century,colonial vintage. The last, the dear last of us all, he thoughtlooking at the boys golden head. But there were to be no papers, reminded McNab. I trust, said she, that ye havent spent the arternoon jokin. Then he saw that the child was still sleeping on her breast. Have you heard the new song the gamins are singing? It flowed out into the breeze curling with long tiger streaks. The neutrals will profit by these troubles. He had remembered the last line just in time. Has that old cachalot been spa-outin dirges to ye, young man? Under each of these eyes was a chest painted pure white, labelled respectively Jane and Elisha. See to it that the requisitions are filled. Suddenly the pomp ofthe courtly verse seemed to take on for him a peculiarly personal meaning. Bonny feather by the arm to his own table. [a literary classic. Shakespeare should've writen these years ago]

Could you please help me? there are some concerns I have regarding the initial operation mapping you sent us. [Oops... this is work email... all my emails go directly to junk email...]

CV chooses Option 2 (4 out of 5 users go for option 2). [I have to fix my office email configuration. This is work email. But it sounded like one of those info-mercials]

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juOn said...

Hahaha. Here's one I get regularly:


Vijagra from 3, 35 $
Valijum from 1, 25 $
Cijalis from 3, 75 $

that you are the master-trader in these parts.
I am. Pleased to make your acquaintances, Jim, Floyd and Steengo.
Likewise. If you have a moment I have a picture here I would like

Hhhmmm. WTF? :-)