Sunday, July 16, 2006

Whip It Good

Not really. Never thought that I'll be saying this but I'm actually bored (at work and with my life). So let's start with how boring my 45 hours/week @ work. I've been doing a project with some folks from the US, doing the quarterly review of MORs, performing my basic routine, and transitioning my job to Sarah. I have not bitched about my job for weeks (which is not a good thing... hahaha). Pink slips were given out to a lot of people and our depratment was lucky that no pink slips were given to any of us. I don't know, I'm just bored. Quoting Migs - "I'm on a plateu." Well, my new job is coming up but I'm not that excited.

To summarize: My job fluctuates between the extremely stressful and the excruciatingly boring. I discovered that it is possible to be both stressed out and bored at the same time which leads to a strange sensation that I cannot name. Maybe i'll put this up in my resume as my job description. [evil grin]

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking to my new supervisor about the new job. When i asked him about his expectations, he said that we have to wait for a couple of weeks because he'll be leaving the company by September so he has to talk first to the person who'll be taking his job. He'll be migrating to Sydney with his family.

Then we had a very interesting talk about my career. He asked me about my plans outside the company. I told him that I want to work on marketing, logistics or in supply chain management. It will take me years before i can go to those areas if i stay in the company that I'm working for (business politics, etc.). Plan B is to migrate to Oz, stay with my aunt, and look for a job.

Looking for a job outside my current employer is hard. It's easier if i move to a semicon company but i want to work on consumer products or in the oil industry. Luckily, a window opened-up (surprise surprise). Not sure though about my chances of landing a job with this new company (let's call it company C). last year, I was interviewed by company B but they want to put me on operations and i said no. I'm not sure yet with company C, i have no interview sched yet, i have to call Jessa on Monday. Thank god I passed the exam and application form review (yeah, company C requires their applicants to pass both the exam and their application form).

Trixy, Jona, Van, Jay, and my other officemates who reads my blog (hmmmm... Jowell? Jason? Tbeth? Charlene? Elmer? Ice? Arlene? Iam? VINCE??!?!?!?!?!)... Don't make a big deal about this post. WE all know that sooner or later, someone will leave our precious company. Remember my big speech last year about being burnt out? And hey, i'm still not sure if I'll take the job (if they'll offer me one). I declined company B's job offer last year. It's about my career and not about the salary offered (who am i kidding!?!?!?!).

Now about my personal life... Hmmm... Dry.... McDry.... McDry cabinets. Unfortch, no R, no McDeary, no McBaby. Same as Jona. McNothing. I'm taking this bachelorhood quite well. And hey, I'm not in a rush or whatever. Love will find a way back in my life. I'm happy with my friends, having fun hanging out with them. People say that I'm missing a lot. Fuck that. Wahahahaha!

About my family, i became apathetic about our problems. Right now, we are planning a huge celebration for my grandma's 70th birthday party on September. I'm in charge of the invitations, the pics, the vids, all those creative stuff. Theme is "70 Colorful Years" so we're expecting around 100 grannies wearing colorful dresses. Actually, i though of a McDonald's party and we'll invite Grimmace to play pin the tail on the purple mascot.

So there, I'll just wait for the next best thing that will come in my life. Being optimistic (and seasonal pessimist, often sarcastic, always ecstatic), things do happen for a reason. I'm not having any of those quarter life crisis. It's just an excuse to mope and feel bitter. Been there. And it ain't a happy place.

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juOn said...

I don't get the deal why people say you're missing a lot by being single. I can't seem to place the logic behind that. I mean if I got through childhood and adolescence with only the love of family and friends, what difference does it make now that I'm an adult? It is simple being single. Being with somebody makes life a little bit complicated, and yes a lot more exciting. But then I can live getting excitement from other aspects of my life. And I can definitely live without complications. Ang daldal ko ayoko na. hahahahaha