Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Trash Cans, Finance Orcs, Icings

I've been working for 2 years and 2 months. A part of my boring work is to manage non-capacity JAFS (Jigs and Fixtures) for our factory. This afternoon, i received an email from corporate services...

"I would like to remind you of some trashcan that I saw installed in the mfg area. We need to have Trash can Stainless holder for the trash can units."

To start with, ALL of the trash cans do not have "holders." The fact that these trash cans should not be moved (we install stoppers/lock) from its location. So why do "we" need to have "holders?" This guy needs to work on other important stuff like how to fix the factory ceilings, how to clean the epoxy stains from the ceiling and the tables, etc. And what he saw were trash cans that do not have any holders. I think that this is the first time he went to the facory area. Crap.

Speaking of crap, I've been reading Jeff Moriarty's blog posts about "Lord of Reorg." A satire of what's been happening in our company. Instead of hobbits, he has Cubeitts (creatures who lives in their cubes), and Finance orcs. FINANCE ANALYST ORCS. Need i say more?! LOL.

Now Icings... I read an email forwarded by boss chicks. "This is soooooooo sweeeeeet!!" I just can't imagine MrT saying this out loud.

Seatwork to Van, Jona, Trixy, Jay (and my other officemates) - Who is:
1. Boss Chicks?
2. Mr. T?


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