Monday, July 31, 2006

Thanks XO

I love Mondays! Especially when I receive emails from XO. Thanks for the advice! Hmmm... Maybe I'll go to Portland. :)

Awwwe, that's no fun. Hating what you do is never good. Sometimes working for myself is a pain in the butt, but at least I don't have any jerk bosses. I get to be the jerk boss instead. It's hard to work for someone else once you've worked for yourself, although sometimes I just want someone else to make all the tough decisions and tell me what to do. : )

You should look and see what options are out there. Find someone who appreciates you and that you enjoy working for. Life is too short to feel stuck or hating what you do. Working for and with good people makes all the difference I have found.

There are plenty of technology companies in Portland. You should look into it. Then we could hang out and even when work sucked we could go out and do fun things so you wouldn't think about it so much.

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