Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Strangely Paired

Outerhope was formed when siblings Mike and Micaela Benedicto decided to collaborate on songs built with guitars, keyboards, and vocal harmonies. Their first studio recording is the album Strangely Paired, a collection of songs that are almost whimsical and a little absent-minded, with constant references to fictional forms of travel. Outerhope is now doing new versions of the Strangely Paired songs with Joon Guillen on electric guitar, Owel Alvero on bass and Zig Rabara on drums.

MP3s from their album "Strangely Paired"

Outerhope - Morning After MP3
Outerhope - Boy Who Could Fly MP3
Outerhope - Another Daybreak MP3
Outerhope - Moving Away MP3
Outerhope - Nth Noon MP3

For more information, go to Outerhope's Website

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