Wednesday, July 19, 2006


This week, I received a couple of weird IM/YM/Email conversations from my co-workers. Here’s my top 05

01 – Blood Vomit Laaaaah from Azariah
Azariah is from Malaysia and I really don’t know her that well. I thought that she’s giving me a death threat or something. The word Blood coupled by the word Vomit is not exactly a term used in the office to explain production plans. Then there’s the infamous word ‘Lah’ which I think is an equivalent of ‘Whatever’ or just a useless word that makes Malaysian sentences cute (and weird). I asked Azariah about her IM and she said that she IM’d the wrong person.

02 – Do Friends Break-up by Miss PMS of the week
Actually, the ‘Do Friends Break-up?’ message is just her YM tag/note. I did YM’d her back and gave her my answer. Miss PMS of the week said that it’s a rhetorical question. Still, since I was bored and was on my petiks break, I asked her the history of that YM tag/note. After her explanation, I provided her another answer using the theory of relativity. The YM conversation ended up with Dawson Creek and High School Kids (oh grow up!)

03 – Masakit ang braces ko (My braces are aching) by Fernando
While chatting with Fernando about how bored I was, he said that his braces are aching. I told him that it’s his gums and not his braces. Braces are stainless steels in a persons mouth, a non-living organism. Wahahahaha.

04 – Meet Miss PMS of the week’s Farmer by Bora Boy
An email from Bora Boy featuring the latest fashion of Callia. Mayzelle called it ‘Callia Fashion’ which does not really translate to ‘Street Fashion.’ Cargo pants + Yellow Shirt = Farmer Look (according to Miss PMS). I really don’t have anything against cargo pants. Maybe it’s the yellow shirt. Or maybe it’s the miss-matched get-up. People at work wear casual outfits but I think that there’s a line between being fashionable and being farmer-like. I think we need to have “Casual Wear for Dummies” course at work.

05 – Squiggly by Spongebob
No, Squiggly is not the newest member of the bikini bottom. Spongebob’s been highlighting (okay… just reminding) us to avoid handwritten posts inside the production floor. Where does Spongebob get these words anyway? I guess she’s one of the auothors/webmasters of Wikipedia. By the way, Spongebob is wearing a very Squiggly outfit today.

Have a Squiggly Day!

*By the way, today is the birthday of my "dad." I'm not really sure though. I stopped remembering his birthday 10 years ago. Whatever.

**I'm finalizing the intro song for my podcast. I'll start recording over the weekend. :)

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