Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Post Break-Up

“You're better off."

Ever find yourself asking your friends and family, "How come you didn't tell me that while I was going out with him/her? It would have been so much easier."

The response, most likely is, "You have to make decisions for yourself, and we didn't want to interfere, and it isn't fair to you if we say something about someone you love..."


You won’t remember any relationship you have ever been in where your friends and family don't come crawling out of the woodwork when it is over. They jump at the chance to take a swipe at the Ex. Are they trying to make you feel better? Are they trying to make themselves look clairvoyant? What is it that they are trying to accomplish by telling you "We never liked him/her anyway," or "They just weren't right for you." GREAT.

After the breakup, this always makes you feel so much better. Hell, you’re at the point when you’re pretty disappointed if they don't validate your feelings at the end of the day. By now, you should be resigned to the fact they are not going to bail you out before you can bail yourself out. Could they say something during the relationship? NO. OBVIOUSLY NOT. They save the ammo for the end (in most cases). Yeah, they may nudge you once in a while, but YOU ARE TOO STUBBORN for it to make any difference.

Maybe that's why your friends and family use a congratulatory "You're better off" in the end. They know you'll never listen to them in the middle.

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