Thursday, July 20, 2006

Pink Slips

Downsizing, right-sizing. Call it whatever you want. I simply call it pink slips. In the last couple of months, our company were handling pink slips to people. They've been telling everyone (through webcasts, email blasts, company blogs) that this is part of their efficiency efforts. Streamlining activities and responsibilities, eliminating work redunduncy, and minimizing office bureaucracy.

Fact: There's no such thing as job security.

Questions (and eye brows) were raised. Apart from the over-used word efficiency, i think they were avoiding the question "Why now?" Why not 2 years ago where more than 15,000 people were employed?

After 2 decades, history repeated itself.

This is not a problem about organizational efficiency in a global perspective. It's a problem of poor organizational planning and development. Re-organization and re-structuring was not planned out well. They already missed out efficiency in their equation. They started having 2-in-a-box managers a year ago, and now, they came back and made some changes in the formula. Are we back in square one? I believe that it's not a problem about efficiency, it's simply about office politics, organizational bureauracracy and poor organizational planning. Things that I believe our senior managers won't fully admit that those were the root causes of what's been happening today.

They were scientists testing their own hypothesis. Their test subjects were found dead during their initial experiments.

Right now, my job will be secured for the next 3-4 weeks... Until the next batch of pink slips were distributed. People said that we should not worry since our department itself is efficient. IEs are Efficient. But I still worry about my job. And there's only one thing to do.

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