Friday, July 14, 2006

Only In Japan

Only in Japan

If you ever want to get a sense for the broad spectrum of different ways in which sexual dysfunction manifests itself, head to Japan. Hentai, yaoi, tentacle rape, bukkake, and the infamous used-schoolgirl-panties vending machines, the country as a whole could rack up some devastating bills if they ever saw a shrink for all of their kinks. But then there's this... Here we see a Japanese game show that involves a group of men scalding themselves by trying to stay submerged in super-hot water (around 50 degrees Celsius), all for the privilege of watching some little nymphet bounce up and down on a stool.

LOL. Japanese television can be depended on for, it's a steady supply of happy-looking girls wearing next-to-nothing while bouncing up and down.

Now here’s a Japanese video that highlights the Japanese propensity for multi-tasking. By watching this video you can both learn the English language and get an aerobic workout. What struck me as odd was that the English phrases all have a decidedly hostile feel to them. True to form, the aerobics girls teach these phrases with a bounce in their step and a smile on their face. Meet the Zuiikin Gals.

Asta Lavista Baby…

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Anonymous said...

Laughed my ass off with the hot tub game. Can you post the links where you got it? XD

As for the 2nd vid clip, WTF?! "How dare me you say such a thing to me?!" Ooo, I'm real scared. XD hahaha