Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Fugly Shirts

Trixy, Jona and I had a conversation over at CV Starbs (smoking area near the CV1 office building) about the skills we want to develop. Not that job security was at stake (note: there's no such thing as job security) but when did we stopped thinking about what we are really passionate about? Jona wants to be an events planner, Trixy wants to be... errr.. .she's still working on it, I have to work on my artistic talents. I can work on graphics design, digital photography or theater arts. Right now, i'll start with graphics design and fashion.

I thought of designing graphic tees. I love wearing groovidup shirts, not really into brands. When i go shop for shirts, i look at the graphic design and the quality of the fabric. I only have a couple of shirts that bears a huge brand logo plastered in front. I'm not a walking advertisement for A&F, Penshoppe, Bench, Oxygen or whatever shirt company. I usually buy shirts from Artwork and American Blvd.

I also designed a couple of shirts for my previous orgs (UPCAPES'04 Make Your Connection shirt, IEC'03 Clubber shirt) and volleyball teams (PLAY shirt for team CMO, etc).

Right now, i have a couple of shirt designs. Humor shirts, graphic shirts, FUGLY. If i want to create a brand, i'll call it Fugly shirts. People might call it fucking ugly, but hey, it's my art designs and it will look good in you.

I'll created a blog that features my latest graphic tee designs - freehand sketch, computer generated, photoshopped ones. http://FuglyShirts.blogspot.com. I hope to get rich and conquer the world! [Evil Laugh]

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