Tuesday, July 11, 2006

From Down Under

Cube is a four-piece, girl-fronted band playing pop-alternative music (fusion of rock, new wave, 70’s rock, alternative and a little bit of grunge). Myles Dela Fuente (from Jam 88.3) on vocals,
Eazer Pastor on Guitars, Dax Gonzaga on Bass, and J.R. Bernos on Drums/Percussions.

Here are a couple of MP3s from their album, "From Down Under."

Cube - Summer Love Affair MP3
Cube - Not Yours MP3
Cube - You Should Know MP3

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ei hello der.. thers no link on the mp3 of cube - summer love affair.. can you upload it again pls.. i really need it... i found it nice when i hear the song.. but i can find any downloadable mp3 in the net... hope you reupload it tnx man...