Saturday, July 22, 2006

For the Nth Time

I received a couple of emails from bloggers asking what the format of my blog is. It's 50% personal, 25% MP3, 15% gossips, 10% for etc [just came up with lame percentages.. ain't it cool?]. Fernando told me that my blog is being more commerical, i.e. about MP3s, bands, TV shows, etc. Not really, it's just that i taking time off bitching about my work (boss). I'm not having a blogger's writer's block.

Jeepney Diaries is my not-so-personal web log. First catapulted around the world in 2004 with a very different title and [cosmetic] appearance (from Sticky Rice Gum > Astro Deej > DJ Mix), it served much the same purpose as it does today. Going through countless server and interface changes since it's introduction, a new feeling of internal freshness was introduced with the move to the "Jeepney Diaries" name. What lies ahead for Jeepney Diaries? Difficult to say, really... but until then, enjoy.

MrDJ is not really a DJ (disc jock). He is also a Libra and wannabe-entrepreneur and writer and model and actor and producer and lover and former non-smoker and wine snob and coffee man-whore and generally mentally unstable computer nerd and graphics designer.

Why "Jeepney Diaries"? Well, my dearest, "Jeepney" is a Filipino mode of transportation where Filipino's re-invented the American's WWII Military Jeeps. I added "Diaries" since this is more of a journal. "Jeepney Diaries," is simply a contrast from reality, the antipole and the obverse, a paradox of sorts. I don't drive Jeepneys. I just ride them. Inside this public transporation, you'll here all sorts of drama, gossips and whatevs... just like what's in this blog.

About MrDJ (why am i talking in 3rd person?),here's the low-down, the 4-1-1, the good stuff.

I have issues (a lot). I'm not histrionic or dramatic. I'M NOT! I'M NOT! I'M NOT I TELL YOU! I'm a living, breathing oxymoron. Ya know, a shy flirt, a cool dork, a sensitive jerk, an outgoing homebody, a selfless egomaniac.

I want somebody who knows me enough to see that I'm a complete dork, but more importantly, somebody who likes that. I'm a bit dangerous in that 'running with scissors' kind of way.

I'm just smart enough to know that I'm kinda dumb in that 'what's going on?' kind of way. (But, as a friend of mine said, 'you're cute so you can still get a wifey.')

I do, however, credit the majority of my intelligence to watching approximately 2,782 hours of Sesame Street and consuming soooo much Nestles Qwik with Hershey's Chocolate Syrup as a child. Right outta the can/bottle. With a spoon.

I'm considerate, well-spoken, and dance like I was raised in the wilderness.

I'm looking for a decent-looking people who doesn't have too many issues because I'll be forced to cancel my subscription. I'm want someone with whom I can be FRIENDS FIRST. I want to cuddle (I KNOW that word is cheesy and trite but it's better than saying 'have my thighs sweat against hers all night while I try to get to sleep with her irregular breathing patterns and random noises.')

Perfect is someone who is not perfect, but is trying to be, or at least has a lot of money, would not have to have a perfect body, but then again should not own a zip code OR gravitational pull.

I hate to sound like a huge jerk, i have decided I should probably institute an age cap. I'm looking for AROUND my age. Plus Minus 5 years max. Well, Plus 7 years is still negotiable. Plus 10 years is a NO NO.

So there. Anyway, I'm still trying to figure out what my first podcast topic would be. Maybe I'll just read this blog and do it in podcast. Harhar. I just finished the Intro and Exit audio mixes and it's now at 10MB. The name of my podcast is MrDJ (which will eventually change if i get bored with it).

Amazing Transparent Man - Bitch MP3
Incubus - Like A Virgin MP3
Bowling for Soup - (Hit Me) Baby One More Time MP3
Pete Thurston - Wonderwall MP3

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