Monday, July 17, 2006

Chronicles of the Daily Grind

This post came from Brother Rusty's blog. Thanks for sharing....

"You were laughing so hard… then suddenly I saw you alone in deep thought. I almost felt you want to cry, but you said, “I have no reason to.”

You were so active, so full of zest and fervor… then suddenly I saw you alone playing a melancholic song through the piano. I heard you hum and ask, “Why is this so?”

You were so busy. You have so many responsibilities to fulfill and you fulfill each enthusiastically… then suddenly I saw you alone and idle. I heard you mumbling, “I don’t know what to do?”

You were so spirited as you engage in sports and physical activities… then suddenly I saw you alone lying in bed. I heard you moaning, “What is this pain?”

You were so alive and breathing. You run about. You jumped so high… then suddenly I saw you alone inside a casket lying cold and dead. And from there, I never heard anything from you. But I sure miss your words.


For many, death is something gruesome, something to be feared. It cannot be denied that even a word as negative as “death” could teach a lot of things: that we have not much time. Indirectly, it teaches us its value. We realize that we can’t have forever.

Thoreau is right when he said, “Oh God, to have reached the point of death, without ever having lived at all.”

The thought of death is a wake-up call for us to examine how we have been living fully, how we have been living meaningfully.

Why am I here?

…not just to exist, but to live."

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