Saturday, June 03, 2006

YM Buzz

Okay, before anything else, please add me in your YM, Friendster, MySpace accounts! Chat. Whatever. And at least, I won't be blankly staring at my laptop screen whenever I'm on a meeting with my boss. And as for Friendster... just want to have a lot of friends in my account! Now for MySpace, i just opened an account weeks ago and i just add people who wants to be in my list. Hahaha!

YM: deejhay_diaz

Okay, here goes the post entitled YM Buzz. I changed the name of the name of my chatmate to "chatter."

chatter (6/2/2006 10:58:09 PM): wassup?
DJ (6/2/2006 10:58:21 PM): ok lang
chatter (6/2/2006 10:58:37 PM): san ka ngayon?
DJ (6/2/2006 10:59:10 PM): dito pinas
DJ (6/2/2006 10:59:17 PM): pero balik US sa Jun
chatter (6/2/2006 10:59:27 PM): hope im not distrubing you
chatter (6/2/2006 10:59:27 PM): okey
DJ (6/2/2006 10:59:41 PM): okay lang
DJ (6/2/2006 10:59:46 PM): blogging lang
chatter (6/2/2006 10:59:53 PM): sana makapag-meet tayo bago ka punta US
chatter (6/2/2006 11:00:19 PM): sobrang tagal na kasi
DJ (6/2/2006 11:01:10 PM): i think i cant. sobrang busy ako and daming pinapatapos yung boss ko bago ako umalis
chatter (6/2/2006 11:01:23 PM): ganyan ka naman
DJ (6/2/2006 11:01:34 PM): sorry
DJ (6/2/2006 11:01:46 PM): dont worry... la pa ako ni-me-meet kahit sino
DJ (6/2/2006 11:02:01 PM): zilch... zero... nada.... maybe im not just the type who goes on EB
chatter (6/2/2006 11:02:10 PM): kakatampo tuloy
chatter (6/2/2006 11:02:11 PM): ive been really wanting to meet you
chatter (6/2/2006 11:02:11 PM): be your friend
chatter (6/2/2006 11:02:20 PM): di naman ako siraulo
DJ (6/2/2006 11:02:31 PM): malay ko psycho ka...
chatter (6/2/2006 11:02:45 PM): e hindi mo pa nga ko nami-meet
DJ (6/2/2006 11:03:00 PM): hehehehe..... good point
chatter (6/2/2006 11:03:02 PM): bilis mo naman manghusga
DJ (6/2/2006 11:03:09 PM): i was just kiddin
chatter (6/2/2006 11:03:28 PM): i never did kid sa you
chatter (6/2/2006 11:03:46 PM): im really sincere
chatter (6/2/2006 11:03:46 PM): kaw lang hindi
DJ (6/2/2006 11:04:27 PM): well... yeah... i kid a lot.... maybe because ganun na personality ko... and saka di talaga ako nakikipag-EB
chatter (6/2/2006 11:04:50 PM): well hindi naman sha EB
chatter (6/2/2006 11:05:25 PM): iba nang level
DJ (6/2/2006 11:05:46 PM): EB... meet somewhere... coffee.... its all the same for me. its meeting someone eye to eye. ayoko lang talaga
DJ (6/2/2006 11:05:48 PM): sorry
chatter (6/2/2006 11:07:22 PM): kelangan ba ipakilala pa ako sa yo ng isang trusted girlfriend o ate ng kebigan ng classmate mo, maging bagong officemate, kliyente... ?
chatter (6/2/2006 11:07:48 PM): maging kapitbahay? girl-next-door?
DJ (6/2/2006 11:08:16 PM): dont take it personally... i just dont do that kind of thing
chatter (6/2/2006 11:09:05 PM): i dunno... you have this wicked definition of EB...
DJ (6/2/2006 11:09:29 PM): okay lets not call it EB... lets call it having coffee with someone
chatter (6/2/2006 11:09:45 PM): so wacha blogging for? im sure blogging connects you to other bloggers
DJ (6/2/2006 11:09:49 PM): still, i dont just do coffee
chatter (6/2/2006 11:09:58 PM): i dont drink coffee
chatter (6/2/2006 11:10:04 PM): and im sure im not just some girl
DJ (6/2/2006 11:10:04 PM): blogging is like YM... no face to face interaction
DJ (6/2/2006 11:10:28 PM): i dont meet with fellow bloggers. di pa.
chatter (6/2/2006 11:10:29 PM): im sure eventually they'll wanna meet up
DJ (6/2/2006 11:11:02 PM): nothing... right now, i just dont meet people from the internet... meet them personally
chatter (6/2/2006 11:11:39 PM): i dont believe it's nothing
chatter (6/2/2006 11:11:58 PM): there must be something na kinakatakot o nagpapakaba sa yo
DJ (6/2/2006 11:13:00 PM): i dont need to be psycho-analyzed. i just dont if i dont want to. period.
chatter (6/2/2006 11:14:43 PM): basta dito lang ako whenever you are ready. ingat lagi.

Okay. Stop right there. Before you come up with ridiculous assumptions why i don't want to just meet this girl let me explain.

I don't just go on EB (okay, not-EB, just meeting some girl for coffee... okay, not coffee... just meeting somewhere). In the first place, i really don't know who this girl is. We're not even close to being friends. Internet friends. We rarely chat at all.

it's not meeting someone that i'm "affraid" off. Whatever you call it, people has expectations when you first meet them face-to-face. I'm not affraid of rejection nor the possible awkwardness if we meet up. I just don't do EB. But i'm not saying that i won't do it. But not now.

I'm not fugly (fucking ugly), nor stupid, nor a freak. I can start a good conversation or come up with funny jokes.

I'm not expecting you to understand. Yes, I blog, but I don't meet up with fellow bloggers. I have a friendster and myspace account as well. Do i just send them messages that we should meet up. Take note that friendships over the internet is different from face-to-face friendship/relationships. You share common interests with internet buddies and there's a small possibility that you'll meet up.

I'm not closing doors with this EB thing. But not now. I just don't trust people easily. I've been living with "friends" who lies and stabs me in the back. I have to make sure that i want to do it first before risking it.

So Miss Chatter, i don't expect you to understand. But for now, the answer is no.


LiLaC said...

hey. got here thru jesse's blog. anyway...yeah, i do understand your anti-eb thing. i myself am not into it. like you said, there are expectations kasi. and it's kinda nice to have a friend who can remain distant...hirap iexplain but then there it is. nakakailang makipag-eb.

Anonymous said...

what does the acronym EB stand for?

chenelyn bulutong said...

what does the acronym eb stand for?

MrDJ said...

EB = Eye Ball... You'll meet up somewhere