Saturday, June 17, 2006

What To Wear?

We had a pre-conference meeting last Thursday. Glenn discussed the guidelines in our trip to San Diego. What to do, what not to do, how much to spend, etc. Then he discussed the dress code.

He said that the delegates should wear business casual, presenters on business attire. Then this guy asked, what's the difference between the two. Glenn said that business casual is the usual get-up in the office. Business attire equals slacks + polo + tie.

WAIT! Parang may mali...

Business Casual - Slacks, leather shoes, short sleeved polo OR long sleeved polo (rolled up sleeve). Strictly business attire is where you put on a coat and tie.

Wearing round-neck tees ain't business casual. Well, if you put on a coat over your shirt, that might fall under the semi-business casual look.

Anyway, i already planned the clothes that I will wear in San Diego. Nice tee on Sunday, pink rolled-up long sleeve polo on Monday, Rugged-casual on Tuesday, and go-gimmick look on Wednesday.

But wait! Wahahaha. We received an email from Glenn - - -

Delegates are requested to wear the following t-shirts:
-Sunday opening – IMEC Jacket (only 21 jackets available)
-Monday morning – Leap Ahead t-shirt
-Tuesday morning – Engage t-shirt (Employee Programs will provide)

Hano ba? (oo, may H talaga yang Ano ko.) Well, the IMEC Jacket looks nice so yeah, i MIGHT wear it. But the Leap-Ahead and ENgage shirt? No, no, no. Not that i'm not supporting the Philippine Delegates but we're not going to San Diego for Summer olympics. Sorry Glenn. I already planned out my outfit. There's no way that I will wear those shirts.

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