Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Show Must Go On

Actual work, as everyone knows already, is sheer torture. So sometimes, after almost a rough day, I always feel the need to pretend to be busy. I'm not fooling anyone, but I still feel compelled to put on The Busy Show.

Putting a “busy show” is as hard as crunching all those numbers and analyzing projects. Staring at the screen all day is tough. My fingers hurt from all that clicking, my mind's numb from reading blogs and scouring the web for interesting stuff to post in my blog. Reading office and personal emails, making sure your desk is a mess to look like you're frenetically working, and the hardest of them all, acting as if you're doing something productive when the boss walks by (as if he cares).

Boredom = Exhaustion. Boredom is even considered a source of psychological stress, having no creative outlet or input in your job.

For lack of any real progress in the office, I started a new project. My new project: Update my resume and send them out. Though I do not get the feeling that being a twenty-something in the workforce is much fun anywhere, I am confident that I could find a job of equal misery but would give me considerably more money.

Same misery but more money to spend... The lesser of two evils.

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