Thursday, June 15, 2006

My New Blog Haven

I started a new blog. For now, I won’t tell you about it. I'm still trying to figure out what my new blog will be called. What I know right now is that my posts from my new blog is more personal. About who I am, what i want, frustrations, etc.

So what's new? Eh nandito din sa blog ko yang mga yan.

I said before that i don't trust people that easily. I have not met anyone who can just be there and understand who I am. I have a lot of friends. I do trust them at some level. It's just that I KNOW that when i turn my back, they will ready to stab me in the back.

Reality is that we "talk" about our friends when they are not around. I'm trying really hard not to do this yet I'm not that successful. At least I'm trying.

So back to my new blog.... Saka ko na lang i-share. Wag muna ngayon. Masyado pang maaga.

Currently listening to: Fergie - Won’t Let You Fall MP3

"And through the depths of high and low
Wherever you will go, I'll follow
To the end, back again
You know"

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