Thursday, June 15, 2006

Let's Get Physical

Waaah! I need to go back to the gym. Since it will be monsoon season (okay, rainy season lang), the only thing to do is to eat, sleep and stay at home. For sure, I'll gain the 15lbs that I lost during summer. Yes, I lost 15lbs within 2-3 months. Thanks to the "half-cup rice diet" and "no white foods after 7pm" and "Yakult everyday, everyday okay" diet. Go lacto-bacilli!

I'm still not sure about the boxing classes in Alabang. And I'm too lazy to pick up the phone and inquire.

So now, I need some suggestions! Aside from going to the gym and pump some irons, or getting some boxing lessons (not the pacquiao type lessons... hahaha!) whatelse is available? I have to start after i get back from my San Diego trip.

How about surfing lessons? Wahahaha! Yeah, Ali/Jowell is already planning (or imagining) a trip to La Union for some sand and surf (and fish and chips). TBeth went to La Union and according to her, surfing lessons are fun fun fun. One thing though, I'm not a good swimmer (blame it to my smoking habits).

Ayokong malunod, masyado pa akong bata (at gwapo at cute... hahaha). For now, 50 push-ups every morning and every night and some dumb bell curls will do.

But that doesn't solve my problems with my abs. My semi-flabby abs. Crap!

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