Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Hong Kong 1

Hong kong International Airport is really really nice. In-house shops, trains, etc. I'll definitely go to their Kiehl's shop on Friday! Yay!

We have to wait for about 4hours for our connecting flight to the US. We window shopped, ate lunch and window shopped some more. Time spent ~2.5 hours. 1.5 hours to go. While Ria and Jowell took their quick naps, i went to one of their smoking booths. 2 sticks and i was done. Since smoking booth siya, mukhang 3x yung effect ng second hand smoke na nag-amoy usok na yung damit ko. So spray spray spray ng cologne just to get rid of the smell.

Now the ~14 hour flight from HK to LA.... Overkill! Thank god for online check-in at Cathay Pacific, we had good seats. The movies are not that great so i went watching re-runs of Will and Grace, Scrubs and America's Next Top Model. Oh well, pinatulan ko din yung Hercules (by Disney). Strecth stretch strecth. Nap nap nap. Watch watch watch.

To be continued.....

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