Sunday, June 18, 2006



Hehehe! Another lazy weekend. I went to the mall yesterday to buy some stuff for my San Diego trip next week and watched the Lakehouse. Saturday night was spent watching Wickedly Perfect and the Gladiator. Sunday was lazier than Saturday. I woke up at 11am, took a bath, ate lunch, watched the Machinist and now... blogging.

When i come back from my San Diego trip, i'll go to Festi and inquire about the boxing lessons at the Sphere. That will take care of my Saturdays, i guess. Need to get rid of those flabs. I think i'm on my ideal weight - 135lbs. Kailangan lang mag-tone ng muscles.

Haaaay... I'm so lazy. My ass is lazy. Masyado na akong antukin during weekends. It's exhausting, getting bored. Nakakapagod ang walang ginagawa. Kahit nga mag-blog, minsan tinatamad akong magtype pero eto na nga lang yung ginagawa ko eh. Work? Well, exhausting as ever.

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XY said...

i have na the quotes for the boxing lessons.. let's go kick some butt.. or you know, whatever :)