Saturday, June 03, 2006

Good DJ Hunting

My first job hunting started from March-May 2004 and I landed a job here at Intel. Looking back, did I rush myself in taking the job? Back then, I was on my 2nd and 3rd interview with HP (the interviewer told me that they have to interview 5-6 times before they can decide). But then, Intel called and on my 3rd meeting with them, I was only given an hour to decide whether I should or should not take the job. Thinking about job security and about the need to get a job immediately, I took their offer and started after 2 weeks.

Job hunt 2, May-June 2005. I had my interview at Philip-Morris for the Business Development Analyst position. They emailed me and told me that they have chosen another person to take the job. They are offering me a different job, an IE for their Batangas plant. I declined the offer since it’s basically the same job that I have at Intel at that time. The reason why I want to work on business development (or product management or even marketing) is that I want to explore a job which does not involve tactical operations in a manufacturing facility.

Job hunt 3 started last month and will end until I get a new job. In the meantime, I’ll still work at Intel and will continue to work proactively - business continuity. I already sent out my resumes to different company, just hoping that at least I get an interview from them. So far, no one has replied other than “We are sorry….” emails.

Don’t be shocked. I just want to do what I think is best for my career, my family and my future. Well aside from the fact that I hate my boss and see no future with my current company (and the very evident office politics and bureaucracy). Anyway, I’m also looking at other jobs within Intel but the chances of getting them are low. I’m on a tight leash and 3 people are holding it tight.

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