Saturday, June 17, 2006

Dot The I

I watched the movie “Dot The I” last night. It stars Gael Garcia Bernal (Y Tu Mama Tambien, Motorcycle Diaries, Amores Perros, The King, Babel), Natalie Verbeke and James D’Arcy. The story is better than Hollywood’s Gossip (Kate Hudson, James Marsden, Joshua Jackson).

From Blunt Review:

Carmen (Natalia Verbeke) is in a budding relationship. Her beau Barnaby (James D'Arcy) is madly in love and wishes to get married. She is happy, but still a tad confused as to her feelings for him. She went through a muddy relationship a while ago and the wounds are still very fresh.

Still, Carmen reluctantly agrees to be married - it's safe and probably for the best. Her close friends throw her a bachelorette party at a hoity toity restaurant. While there, the maitre d tells her an ancient "custom" where the bride to be must pick the handsomest man around for a farewell kiss to singleness. She scans the room and finds Kit (Gael Garcia Bernal).

Naturally, Kit obliges and, like some sort of scene from a French soft porn flick, the two kiss before the cheering crowds. Oopsie, Carmen really liked that kiss! Drat. Now she questions her love for Barnaby. Oh, what to do? Barnaby is filthy rich, doting, tall and, technically, is what every gal desires in a safe kind of way…Kit on the other hand, is an out of work actor, with over due bills, and steeped in that indescribable sexual endorphin those types seem to exude.

So, she begins a platonic affair with Kit in the hopes of discovering the answer. What she will discover is what makes this film so fantastic. The piece is creative, thrilling, sexy and impeccably acted. Parts can move a tad slow - cold honey poured on a winter's morn slow - but give it time and you'll be rewarded.

*The reason why I picked this movie out of the video store is that it stars Gael Garcia Bernal. He’s a great actor especially in “Motorcycle Diaries” (yeah, that’s where I got the name of my blog).

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tanya said...

oh my gosh!! where can you find this?! i so want to see it...

i love gael garcia bernal flicks too! have you seen the king?!

MrDJ said...

t rented the video at Video City. I guess it's already available in your fave VCD/DVD shop!