Friday, June 02, 2006

Blog for Dummies

Adam Broody, the OC's Seth Cohen, is the drummer for Big Japan. They just released their first album, Big Japan: Music for Dummies. Adam Broody is one true emo! I found one mp3 from the company that released their album. Left click HERE to download Big Japan's "The Rise and Fall of Bill." Get some Emo-therapy.

Now for my Spiderman 3 update (hey Brew, yeah, I'll try to post anything about Spidey as much as i could). More pics!!!!

And now, we have some pics of Kirten Dunst who plays the role of MJ in the movie. The scene (in the pictures) might be a stageplay or something. Remember that MJ wants to be an actress so she might be a big celebrity in Spiderman 3.

Also see Spidey with his Black outfit (where he looks like a Jedi master). The Dark Force. Wahahahaha!

And here's Sami Raimi who looks very stylish with his suit.

Contestant #3 - Miss Mary Jane

Hey, it's Mr. Sami!

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