Sunday, June 11, 2006


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Happy Philippine Independence Day! Jeepney Diaries treats all bloggers with some of the OPM (Original Philippine Artist) best songs which I think shows the true Filipino character. “Left Click” and download the songs! Thanks to The Digital Pinoy for the links!

01 Jeepney – Sponge Cola
02 Jeepney - Kala
03 Bamboo – Noypi
04 Rivermaya – Awit ng Kabataan
05 Orange and Lemons - Pinoy Ako
06 Toni Gonzaga and Sam Milby – Sikat and Pinoy
07 Itchyworms - Kabataang Pinoy
08 Francis Magalona – Tayo’s Mga Pinoy
09 APO Hiking Society – Awit ng Barkada
10 Barbie Almalbis – O Pinoy
11 Imago - Idlip
12 Juan Dela Cruz – Beep Beep Beep Beep
13 Black Eyed Peas - Bebot
14 Various Artists – Para sa Masa


Newly found friend Jojo made a confession this afternoon. He said that he rode one of the Maytinis floats last December. FYI: Maytinis is an annual event in Kawit, Cavite where characters from the Bible parade on floats. Back to the story. He asked me if I can remember him from one of the floats. I said that I’ll just watch the video that I took last year.

Around 930pm, I took the CD and watched it. And there he was. Playing the role of Samson in “Samson and Delilah.” Hahahahaha! Patay ka sakin Jojo! Hahaha!

I have nothing against people riding the floats during the Maytinis parade. It’s just that, it’s weird – standing in front of people, playing a Biblical role, freezing your ass for about 2-3 hours.


We watched “the Omen” this afternoon and it was a so-so movie. I have not watched the original film and my friends said that I should watch it because it’s better than the remake. The remake is good; I jumped 3-4 times off my seat. It’s not that scary (the end of the world, the son of the devil, Armageddon) because I had watched millions (okay, just a couple) of anti-Christ/End of the world movie. The kid who played Damien is not that scary especially when he stares. He’s cute, not that scary.


Two more weeks before my trip to San Diego, California. I’m excited because of the conference. I dread the trip, the ~12-hour flight from Hong Kong to LA. Anyway, I’ll be staying in San Diego for only 5 days. Angela might meet us in our last day. The trip is purely business. No time to shop, no time to wonder around San Diego. It’s a love-hate trip. Wahahahaha!


Okay. Something work-related. I’m not sure if our bosses will announce the changes that will happen in our group. I really hope to start my transition to the Strategic group and set some expectations with my new boss. The new role that I’ll be taking is somewhat complicated and conflicting. And until now, I don’t have any idea what my job title be. You see, I’ll be working on (1) SAP, (2) Capital/Asset Management, (3) IE Business Processes, (4) IE Systems, and, (5) the Sta. Rosa platform. Weird huh?! I can call my self a Strategic Industrial Engineer but I need the exact name. SAP SAP IE? Hahahaha!

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ui! salamat sa mga mp3! dinownload ko yung jeepney ng kala! fave ko yun!