Monday, June 12, 2006

Birthday Gift

Ano kayang bibilhin ko sa Birthday ko?
1. Moto RAZR V3x (Razr with 3G capability, hindi V3, hindi V3i... V3x po!)
2. Video iPOD or just the regular iPOD
3. Digicam
4. World Peace

Reasons why i shouldn't buy any of these
1. Razr not - I still have my K500i. And i just use my phone for SMS and some calls.
2. iPOD - There are cheap mp3 players. But an iPOD will just make me cooler. Wahahaha!
3. Digicam - Nah. I'm not really into digital photography.

So, world peace na naman ba?

Hey, bloggers... What do you think should i buy in my birthday? Any thoughts? My birthday will be in September but i need to save money now if i want to buy something for myself. Don't want to have another credit-card swipe attack. Gasgas na credit card (though, still in good credit).

Magkano ba sex slave ngayon? Wahahahah... LOL. Seriously, what should i buy and why?

I'll be releasing my birthday wish list soon. Mag-ipon na din kayo! Wahahahaha!


brodiz said...

Letter D na lang, bro. :)

I find your blog cool, informative and full of sense. I plan to include you into my list if you don't mind.

Bryan Anthony the First said...

are you virgo too??? the sign of the virgin...

why not buy me instead??


deejayz said...

no.1 in my birthday wishlist might be a money clip! remember?