Saturday, June 03, 2006

Big Japan

Big Japan is a kewl-emo band. I've been listening to "The Rise and Fall of Bill" on repeat. Thier album, Big Japan: Music For Dummies, has 8 tracks. I'll be heading to the music store to check if they have the album available.

You can listen to some of Big Japan's tracks in the MySpace account. Click HERE. Or go to purevolume to listen to track 1, 2 and 3. Click HERE. You can also download them in iTunes.

For now, here are some clips from their album and a full mp3 of track 3. Enjoy and get yourself some Emo-Therapy.

BIG JAPAN: Music For Dummies

1. Life Saver clip

2. Wrong Way clip

3. The Rise and fall of Bill full song

4. Enchantment under the sea clip

5. Complex clip

6. Bonnie and clyde clip

7. Incendiary clip

8. All the fish in the sea are stupid sluts anyway clip

Speaking of BIG JAPAN, Adam Brody was seen shopping for a graduation card in a grocery store in San Diego. Who graduating Mr. Seth Cohen? Hmmm San Diego, i hope to see you weeks from now. Actually, I hope to see Rachel Bilson (who plays Summer Roberts in The OC). Wahahaha! California here I come.....

Adam Brody caught shopping for Hallmark Graduation Cards

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