Monday, June 12, 2006

Bicker Me Not

We live in a world where people are afraid to take accountability and push the blame to others, to the politicians. Oppression, poverty, corruption: are these government problems? We directly put the blame to them since they are the people who we think has power and have the authority to fix them. It is only during national disasters where we act and help out. The recent landslide, hurricane Katrina, terrorist attacks, pain in the ass problems. What’s sad is that we only become one nation when we’re struck with such tragedies. Sad. We come together as one during national tragedies (Americans, Asians, etc.) but after that, we go back to our own lives.

I’ve been listening to Pink’s “Dear Mr. President.” It made me realize more that we keep on putting blame to our politicians where we ourselves can do something to fix them. It may not be our main job but as human beings who has the capability to help out, why can’t we. Even the social activists can do more than just march along EDSA. We can take baby steps to help out.

What’s wrong in this world (not just in our country) is how we put labels in things: Race, social status, gender, etc. It’s how we avoid conflict.

Eh hindi ko yan trabaho, ano naman magagawa ko.

Trust me, meron.

Instead of telling people how to solve their problems or how to do your job, maybe it’s time to be proactive. Be part of the solution. We’re always stuck with the same problem-solving strategies which in the end, is ineffective. Maybe we should go back to square one and try to find alternative ways.

We are all guilty of beings “labelists.” We think that we’re better than others. Work-related aside, are we better than the current politicians? Are we better than the other Asians? Are straight people more moral than gay folks? Class A vs Class E: Who’s smarter? What’s wrong with being yellow or black or white? We can only put labels to professions such as Doctors, Teachers, and maybe lawyers. Dun lang pwede.

It’s time to put a stop on bickering and bitching people around when it comes to national issues. Protesta ka ng protesta tapos mamaya nasa Starbucks ka na. Protesta ng mga estudyante, unahin mo kaya munang mag-aral (and after that, you’ll have something more to offer). Rally ka ng rally pero sa nakikinig ba sayo ang gobyerno. Rallies and protests are not that effective anymore. If people can channel them differently, maybe it’ll turn out well.

Right now, di ko alam kung anong gagawin ko. But maybe the best way to approach this is putting a stop into labeling people and taking some accountability into national issues. Isa itong mahabang proseso na walang tamang sagot. But at least, I’m one step into finding the real answers.

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