Monday, June 05, 2006

American and Philippine Idols

Yay! I made my YouTube rounds and searched for Elliott Yamin videos. So what's up with E-Man? I hope he's recording an album! Anyway, here are a couple of Vids... His performance in "Live with Regis and Kelly," "Fox Richmond Interview" and "Live at the Richmond Brave game."

Anyway, before the vids... Here comes Philippine Idol! Ryan Agoncillo will be hosting show and as he puts it, he will be the "kakampi" of the idols. So who are the judges? Last time i heard, it'll be Martin Nievera, Lea Salonga and Ryan Cayabyab. But from the ABC news a while ago, it'll be Ryan Cayabyab (check), Francis Magallona (check check) and Pilita Corales (wtf!). Well, Pilita Corales will be the local equivalent of Paula Abdul. I think it's better to have Pilita instead of Armida. Wahahaha! This will be a hillarious show. But where's the local version of Simon? Randy's persona will be coming from Francis and Mr. C. They have to re-cast the judges or maybe add another judge! I'm thinking.... John Lapuz. Wahahahaha! Go to for more updates.

Elliott Yamin on Live with Regis interview

Elliott Yamin on Live with Regis

Elliott Yamin on FOX Richmond

Singing at Richmond Braves Game

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