Thursday, June 29, 2006

Buck Fuddy

Meet Marcela and Diana...
I'm their BUCK FUDDY!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Meet Me At my Window

Superman Returns on June 28! Hmmm... My flight to LA on Wednesday will be around 8pm. The conference here in San Diego will be over by 3pm. Should we watch Superman Returns before our flight?!

Or should I watch it on Friday when I get back from the Philippines. Hmmm.....

Here are some of the tracks in the Superman Returns OST Album. "Meet Me At My Window" by Jack's Mannequin and "The Rescue". by American Hi-Fi.

Superman Returns OST - MP3 Links
Jack's Mannequin - Meet Me At My Window MP3
American Hi-Fi - The Rescue MP3

My Pre-Birthday Gifts!

Casio Exilim EZ-600. I love my cam! I'm not really into digital photography, basta may camera ayos na! What i like about my cam is the "anti shake" feature. Best camera sa mga pasmado! By the way, hindi silver ang color ng cam ko, they have 1 stock in red.

2nd gift. Actually wala siya sa list ko before but when i saw it here in San Diego, i just fell-in-love. So, kuha agad ng credit card at swipe away! Love the Puma Ferrari GT jacket! The fabric is great, pati yung fit. I think pwede akong pumasok sa office ng naka-jacket lang at walang shirt sa loob. Wahahaha! And i think na mahirap i-peke itong jacket. Sana naman hindi! Kasi mahal sya masyado! Wahahahaha! Now, i'm ready sa tag-ulan!

Tomorrow, baka mag-ikot pa ako ulit. Baka may 3rd pre-birthday gift (for myself) pa akong makita. Like the Brazil Football messenger bag (also from Puma), or the England Football Adidas Shirt. As for pasalubongs, hmmm, kailangan pa ba? Dami naman akong nakuhang tokens from the conference and exhibits. Tama na Choc-o-Nut. Popular siya sa exhibit, pinamimigay ng exhibitors. Anyway, I still have my credit card, di pa siya ginugunting! Now, pagbalik ko, tipid meals na lang muna in the next 2 months so i can pay-off my bills. Just have to go back with my budget plans. Need to pay my credit card bills so i can swipe my Visa over and over again.

Nga pala, kayo, nabili niyo na ba ako ng regalo? September 24 ha! :)

Hong Kong 1

Hong kong International Airport is really really nice. In-house shops, trains, etc. I'll definitely go to their Kiehl's shop on Friday! Yay!

We have to wait for about 4hours for our connecting flight to the US. We window shopped, ate lunch and window shopped some more. Time spent ~2.5 hours. 1.5 hours to go. While Ria and Jowell took their quick naps, i went to one of their smoking booths. 2 sticks and i was done. Since smoking booth siya, mukhang 3x yung effect ng second hand smoke na nag-amoy usok na yung damit ko. So spray spray spray ng cologne just to get rid of the smell.

Now the ~14 hour flight from HK to LA.... Overkill! Thank god for online check-in at Cathay Pacific, we had good seats. The movies are not that great so i went watching re-runs of Will and Grace, Scrubs and America's Next Top Model. Oh well, pinatulan ko din yung Hercules (by Disney). Strecth stretch strecth. Nap nap nap. Watch watch watch.

To be continued.....

Monday, June 26, 2006

May uwi si nanay
Si nanay sa bahay
Sabit niya sinabit nya
Sa pader ng bahay

Mayrong bitch na blogger
Na blogger na Blogger
Tangina tangina
‘Lang magawa sa buhay

F.O. - Kalimutan ko na kung saan ko to narinig/napoanood. Some teen flick way way back. F.O. means Friendship Over. Well, naging friends ba talaga tayo? Ewan ko. Lokohan lang naman ata. I’m tired. Ewan ko ba kung bakit pa kita pinapatulan. Promise ko sa sarili ko, tapos na. It's over. Tapos. Done. Period. TULDOK. Tae. Wahahaha. Kung pwedeng magpa-annul ng "friendship" ginawa ko na. Pero hanggang divorce lang.

F.O.F.O. – means Friendship Over…. Fuck Off!

Eh ano naman kung F.O.C.F.O.C? Wahahaha!

Nga pala, mamaya na ako magpost ng ibang blog about my trip here ins San Diego. The WiFi access sucks. Pero... i really love it here in San Diego... ganda ng weather!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Orange Skies and Sunsets

In my last two posts, I was depressed and mad. Can both things happen in the same time? I guess, in my case, it can. No, this is not a hate-blog for my boss, friend(s) or some blog lurker. I’m not having any quarter-life crisis because I’m done with that. I’m actually pissed off with my “family.” Yes, it’s quote-family-unquote. For years I felt so much burden, depression, and even shame. This just showed me that the world is not perfect. It’s not even round. It’s half-assed flat!

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a hate-blog for my dad. Now, well, I won’t write any hate blog for my mom. Not worth blogging. Around 3pm yesterday, I found out something. My mom ain’t no desperate housewife after all. I found dusts beneath the rug.

I’m not giving both of them the benefit of the doubt. They need not to explain it to me because the evidence is clear. I have not seen the bitch but I saw the bastard yesterday (saw his pictures, thanks to my email hacking powers).

On my way home yesterday, I was so mad and depressed and was so pissed off. The bus ride helped me plot my escape. I don’t want to be part of this pseudo family anymore. Too much lies and deceit.

You might think that my problems are typical. Well, I have to disagree. Unless you experienced it, you cannot lecture me on how important my family is and that I should give them a break. I’ll give them the break they deserve – I’ll pack my bags and go. A year from now, I’ll be long gone without a trace. That’s the plan and I intend to do it.

My life, my story, my own soap opera (less the stop-motion acting). The backstabbing, the lying, the climactic revelations, the deceit. All the elements of an award winning soap.

In the first season, the good son cried (a lot) and was thinking of taking his own life (but was too afraid to do so).

Well, for now, I’m trying to put on a happy face (which is so hard to do). This is part of the soap opera where I play the good-son-turned-black-sheep.

For now, I’m still not sure what the season finale will be. It’ll be a bittersweet surprise.

Orange Skies and Sunsets
Season 1 Original Soundtrack

01 Nelly Furtado - What I Wanted MP3
02 Snow Patrol - Hands Open MP3
03 Teddy Geiger - These Walls MP3
04 Plumb - Cut MP3
05 James Blunt - Tears And Rain MP3
06 Imogen Heap - Headlock MP3
07 Up Dharma Down - Sleeptalk MP3
08 Jewel - 100 Miles Away MP3
09 Azure Ray - Displaced MP3
10 Paul Oakenfold - Faster Kill Pussycat MP3
11 Tegan and Sara - Where Does the Good Go MP3
12 Gavin DeGraw - Jealous Guy MP3
13 Sandwich - Goodnight January MP3
14 Radio - Whatever Gets You Through Today MP3
15 Bonnie Somerville - Winding Road MP3
16 Mozella - Light Years Away MP3
17 Michelle Featherstone - Coffee & Cigarettes MP3
18 Rosie Thomas - Farewell MP3

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

What Will You Do...

...if suddenly, you found out that the people that you love has been lying in front of your face.

I'm fucking mad! Tangina!

Like An Arrow In The Head

Last Monday, I fell asleep in the bus on my home from work. When I woke up, I just felt weird. I had a quick shower and slept for about 10mins. Right before dinner, the weird feeling that I had turned into mild depression.

And now, I’m depressed. I really don’t know why. Usually, when I have my depression spells, something big is going to happen. Am I developing my psychic abilities? Nah…. I wish.

I feel like shit. I hope this is something that will pass. I probably just need to get some cake and get overdosed with sugar. Advil's not doing its job. I think I might need some poppers. Does anyone know where I could get poppers? Wahahaha! BAD!

Currently listening to (I’m depressed so sorry for the sad songs):
Coldplay – Fix You MP3
Fort Minor - Where'd You Go MP3
Pink – Who Knew MP3

Guilty Pleasures

Go to I Heart 80's Music for more music vids.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sex Post


Caption Contest #3

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Caption Contest #2

Caption Contest #1

Write a caption for this picture!

I Miss Dancing

Any one who's going out to party, please contact me!

Eanie Meany Football

Jim Noir is set to release Eanie Meany (the Adidas World Cup Commerical Song) around July. The commercial features two cheeky young chaps playing street football with an impossible line-up of superstar players including Beckham, Duff, Lampard, Viera and Zidane. Skills courtesy of the world’s greatest footballers, music courtesy of our Jim Noir and his beautifully simple lyrics:

“If you don’t give my football back I’m gonna get my dad on you/I only kicked it over the fence and broke a silly gnome or two.”

Thanks to MYOKB, you can now download Jim Noir's Eanie Meany! Yay!

I found the two-part commercial via YouTube... First part is called Equipo (where Jose and Pedro picked thier players) and the second part is called Partido (where they played football).

I also found MP4 formats of the ads via Adidas. Use Quicktime to play these files. Left click to download!
Equipo Ad MP4
Partido Ad MP4
Behind The Scenes MP4

José(+10) Adidas WC Campaign extended commercial song from MYOKB. Right click to save.
Jim Noir - Eanie Meany MP3

Monday, June 19, 2006

Monday Work Blahs

Lazy day at work. Again. Not my usual Mondays. My meeting is not until 2pm. I do have a lot of projects to work on to but most of these projects has a lot of dependencies from other stakeholders. I had written and emailed my monthly report which made me realize how bored I am with my job. Different projects, same strategies.

I’m not sure when will I get the new role. I was supposed to work on my transition since last week but there were no announcements yet. The transition will be for 4-6 weeks so if I work on the transition plans 2 weeks from now, I’ll be on my new role (and new cube) by mid-August.

What do I have to do? I wake up, wash up, go to work, go home at 4, work some more, sleep. Routine. This how my weekdays are. If I get the new job, it will be the same but I will be working with different people. I’m already seeing a lot of projects that I can work on but unless I have the green light, I just have to work on my current projects.

A couple of weeks ago, I was chatting with my college classmate. She’s working in marketing/management and she said that she can’t see herself working as a fulltime IE. I myself never thought that I’ll be working as an IE. But I’m not closing doors on marketing, management, even in advertising. But since I started working as an IE for two years now, if I want to get a new job, I have to start in some entry level/ management trainee position.
But then, there’s SCM (supply chain management). My new role will do me good with SCM. And I know I can do better with our suppliers, etc. I hope to excel in SCM. I think I already did my part in Operations (based from my performance reviews), I think I need to work on bigger roles and bigger projects.

I have to think about what’s best for my career. No one knows (neither do I) until when will I stay in my current employer. I just know that this will not be my first and last employer.
Got to go. I have a meeting at 2pm.

She's Going Crazy

No, she's not pregnant (Source)

I Am Ready

This song is in the OST of Cruel Intentions. I love the "escalator scene" where Annette (Reese Witherspoon) rode the the escalator and Sebastian (Ryan Philippe) was waiting on top. The song just made that scene more romantic, revealing and spectacular. Then it was followed by Anette and Sebastian's love scene.

Counting Crows - Colorblind MP3

I am color...blind
Coffee black and egg white
Pull me out from inside

I am ready
I am ready
I am ready

I am
taffy stuck, tongue tied
Stuttered shook and uptight
Pull me out from inside

I am ready
I am ready
I am ready
I am...fine

I am covered in skin
No one gets to come in
Pull me out from inside
I am folded, and unfolded, and unfolding

I am
Coffee black and egg white
Pull me out from inside

I am ready
I am ready
I am ready
I am... fine
I am... fine
I am fine

Sunday, June 18, 2006



Hehehe! Another lazy weekend. I went to the mall yesterday to buy some stuff for my San Diego trip next week and watched the Lakehouse. Saturday night was spent watching Wickedly Perfect and the Gladiator. Sunday was lazier than Saturday. I woke up at 11am, took a bath, ate lunch, watched the Machinist and now... blogging.

When i come back from my San Diego trip, i'll go to Festi and inquire about the boxing lessons at the Sphere. That will take care of my Saturdays, i guess. Need to get rid of those flabs. I think i'm on my ideal weight - 135lbs. Kailangan lang mag-tone ng muscles.

Haaaay... I'm so lazy. My ass is lazy. Masyado na akong antukin during weekends. It's exhausting, getting bored. Nakakapagod ang walang ginagawa. Kahit nga mag-blog, minsan tinatamad akong magtype pero eto na nga lang yung ginagawa ko eh. Work? Well, exhausting as ever.

Currently listening to:
The Boy Least Likely To - Faith MP3
Maroon 5 – Everyday People MP3

True To Life Komiks

Got this from THIS BLOG. Actually, nangyari na sa akin 'to. AKO yung character sa left. SIYA yung character sa right. Wahahaha! Peace! Minsan, ako din yung nasa right pero never naman ako nam-bu-bullshit ng blog ng may blog. Respeto lang naman kasi...

Anyway, sa mga nagbabasa ng blog ko, sana naman mag-iwan kayo ng comment or ng tag. Sana lang naman...

Currently Listening to:
Avril Lavigne – Kiss Me (Sixpence None The Richer Cover) MP3
Fergie (of Black Eyed Peas) - Bailamos MP3

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Somewhere Only We Know


"How do you hold on to someone you've never met?" Yeah. I’ve been asking the same question to myself. I’ve known a couple of people over the internet and felt some deep connection.

I watched The Lakehouse which is a wonderful love story. Like The Notebook, A Walk to Remember, this film is not just another chick-flick. The movie was an adaptation of the Korean Movie “Il Mare.”


The story revolves with Alex Wyler (Keannu Reeves, stiff as always) and Kate Forster (Sandra Bullock). Their love story started to unfold thanks to the mailbox in front of the lakehouse and to their female mutt named Jack. A long distance relationship separated by time and not space.

I won’t be talking about the story between Alex and Kate. You have to watch it (NOW!). Another “character” in the film which I think should be discussed more is the Lakehouse itself.

The lakehouse is built atop the lake on sturdy poles. The house is made of glass. There’s no privacy at all. The lakehouse is a symbol of a man who is transparent yet self controlling.

Okay, no relevance. I’m just bullshitting you guys. Wahahaha!

The movie is great except for the actors. No offense to Reeves and Bullock, I guess the character of Kate and Alex would be better played by either Kate Beckinsale (I agree with Trixy) or Keira Knightley or Natalie Portman and Josh Hartnett or Ian Somerhalder or Ryan Philippe.

Hmmm… why is it that Hollywood just gets Asian movies and try to adapt them?

“Oh simple thing where have you gone
I'm getting old and I need something to rely on
So tell me when you're gonna let me in
I'm getting tired and I need somewhere to begin”
>> Keane - Somewhere Only We Know MP3

Dot The I

I watched the movie “Dot The I” last night. It stars Gael Garcia Bernal (Y Tu Mama Tambien, Motorcycle Diaries, Amores Perros, The King, Babel), Natalie Verbeke and James D’Arcy. The story is better than Hollywood’s Gossip (Kate Hudson, James Marsden, Joshua Jackson).

From Blunt Review:

Carmen (Natalia Verbeke) is in a budding relationship. Her beau Barnaby (James D'Arcy) is madly in love and wishes to get married. She is happy, but still a tad confused as to her feelings for him. She went through a muddy relationship a while ago and the wounds are still very fresh.

Still, Carmen reluctantly agrees to be married - it's safe and probably for the best. Her close friends throw her a bachelorette party at a hoity toity restaurant. While there, the maitre d tells her an ancient "custom" where the bride to be must pick the handsomest man around for a farewell kiss to singleness. She scans the room and finds Kit (Gael Garcia Bernal).

Naturally, Kit obliges and, like some sort of scene from a French soft porn flick, the two kiss before the cheering crowds. Oopsie, Carmen really liked that kiss! Drat. Now she questions her love for Barnaby. Oh, what to do? Barnaby is filthy rich, doting, tall and, technically, is what every gal desires in a safe kind of way…Kit on the other hand, is an out of work actor, with over due bills, and steeped in that indescribable sexual endorphin those types seem to exude.

So, she begins a platonic affair with Kit in the hopes of discovering the answer. What she will discover is what makes this film so fantastic. The piece is creative, thrilling, sexy and impeccably acted. Parts can move a tad slow - cold honey poured on a winter's morn slow - but give it time and you'll be rewarded.

*The reason why I picked this movie out of the video store is that it stars Gael Garcia Bernal. He’s a great actor especially in “Motorcycle Diaries” (yeah, that’s where I got the name of my blog).

Currently Listening to:
The M’s – Plan of the Man MP3
Aqualung – Easier to Lie MP3

The Bachelor

Got the links from Pink is the New Blog. Idols on People Magazine's 2006 Bachelors. Taylor Hicks -1, Ace Young - 6, Ryan Seacrest-14. WAIT! Taylor Hicks???

What To Wear?

We had a pre-conference meeting last Thursday. Glenn discussed the guidelines in our trip to San Diego. What to do, what not to do, how much to spend, etc. Then he discussed the dress code.

He said that the delegates should wear business casual, presenters on business attire. Then this guy asked, what's the difference between the two. Glenn said that business casual is the usual get-up in the office. Business attire equals slacks + polo + tie.

WAIT! Parang may mali...

Business Casual - Slacks, leather shoes, short sleeved polo OR long sleeved polo (rolled up sleeve). Strictly business attire is where you put on a coat and tie.

Wearing round-neck tees ain't business casual. Well, if you put on a coat over your shirt, that might fall under the semi-business casual look.

Anyway, i already planned the clothes that I will wear in San Diego. Nice tee on Sunday, pink rolled-up long sleeve polo on Monday, Rugged-casual on Tuesday, and go-gimmick look on Wednesday.

But wait! Wahahaha. We received an email from Glenn - - -

Delegates are requested to wear the following t-shirts:
-Sunday opening – IMEC Jacket (only 21 jackets available)
-Monday morning – Leap Ahead t-shirt
-Tuesday morning – Engage t-shirt (Employee Programs will provide)

Hano ba? (oo, may H talaga yang Ano ko.) Well, the IMEC Jacket looks nice so yeah, i MIGHT wear it. But the Leap-Ahead and ENgage shirt? No, no, no. Not that i'm not supporting the Philippine Delegates but we're not going to San Diego for Summer olympics. Sorry Glenn. I already planned out my outfit. There's no way that I will wear those shirts.

Friday, June 16, 2006


Got this from Rob's blog. hahaha! Gusto ko SUBO MO TITE KO BILIS, HAYOP!

  1. TAPSILOG - Tapa, Sinangag, Itlog
  2. LONGSILOG - Longganisa, Sinangag, Itlog
  3. HOTSILOG - Hotdog, Sinangag, Itlog
  4. PORKSILOG - Pork, Sinangag, Itlog
  5. CHICKSILOG - Chicken, Sinangag Itlog
  6. AZUCARERA - Adobong Aso
  7. LUGLOG - Lugaw, Itlog
  8. PAKAPLOG - Pandesal, Kape, Itlog
  9. KALOG - Kanin, Itlog
  10. PAKALOG - Pandesal, Kanin, Itlog
  11. MAALOG NA BETLOG - Maalat na Itlog, Pakbet, Itlog
  12. BAHAW - Bakang Inihaw (akala ninyo kaning lamig ano)
  13. KALKAL - Kalderetang Kalabaw
  14. HIMAS - Hipon Malasado
  15. HIMAS SUSO - Hipon Malasado, Sugpo, Keso
  16. HIMAS PEKPEK - Hipon Malasado, Kropek, Pinekpekan
  17. PEKPEK MONG MALAKI - Kropek, Pinekpekan, Monggo, Malasado, Laing, Kilawin
  18. DILA - Dinuguan, Laing
  19. DILAAN MO - Dinuguan, Laing, Dalandan, Molo
  20. BOKA BOKA - Bopis, Kanin, Bokayo, Kape
  21. BOKA BOKA MO PA - Bopis, Kanin, Bokayo, Kape, Molong Pancit
  22. KANTOT - Kanin, Tortang Talong
  23. KANTOT PA - Kanin, Tortang Talong, Pancit
  24. SIGE KANTOT PA - Sinigang na Pige, Kanin, Tortang Talong, Pancit
  25. SIGE KANTOT PA IBAON MO - Sinigang na Pige, Kanin, Tortang Talong, Pancit (Take out)
  26. SIGE KANTOT PA HA - Sinigang na Pige, Kanin, Tortang Talong, Pancit, Halo-halo
  27. SIGE KANTOT PAIBAON MO PAPA - Sinigang na Pige, Kanin, Tortang Talong, Pancit (Take out with Ketchup)
  28. PAKANTOT - Pandesal, Kanin, Tortang Talong
  29. PAPAKANTOT - Papaitan, Kanin, Tortang Talong
  30. PAPAKANTOT KA BA - Papaitan, Kanin, Tortang Talong, Kapeng Barako
  31. PAKANTOT SA YO - Pandesal, Kanin, Tortang Talong, Saging + Yosi
  32. PAKANTOT KA - Pandesal, Kanin, Tortang Talong, Kape
  33. PAKANTOT KA HABANG MATIGAS PA - Pandesal, Kanin, Tortang Talong, Kape, Inihaw na Bangus, Maruya, Tinola, Ginisang Aso, Pancit
  34. SUBO - Sugpo, Bopis
  35. SUBO MO - Sugpo, Bopis, Molo
  36. SUBO MO PA - Sugpo, Bopis, Molo, Pancit
  37. SUB O MO PA MAIGE - Sugpo, Bopis, Molo, Mais, Pige
  38. SUBO MO TITE KO - Sugpo, Bopis, Tinola, Teryaki, Kochinta
  39. SUBO MO TITE KO BILIS - Sugpo, Bopis, Tinola Teryaki, Kochinta, Bihon, Tawilis
  40. SUBO MO TITE KO BILIS, HAYOP! - ...same as #39, minura mo lang yung waiter kasi ang tagal.

Order na... now na!

Currently Listening to: Parokya Ni Edgar - The Order Taker MP3

YM Pinoy

Wahahaha... Tanginangsyet! Astig!

You need to download the latest version of YM if you want the Pinoy Audibles. Download YM! now.


What does “Mas Que Nada” mean?

Oari rai?
Ob Ob Ob
Mas que nada
Sai da minha frente
Eu quero passar
Pois o samba est animado
O que eu quero sambar
Este samba
Que misto de maracatu
samba de preto velho
Samba de preto tu
Mas que nada
Um samba como esse t?o legal
Voc n?o vai querer
Que eu chegue no final

So I searched the internet and found some Mas Que Nada mp3s. Download them all and play it all day long until you memorize the lyrics!

(Click to Download)

Sergio Mendes & Brazil '66 - Mas Que Nada (from MOKB)

Tamba Trio - Mas Que Nada (from MOKB)

Elza Soares - Mas Que Nada (from MOKB)

Jorge Ben - Mas Que Nada (from MOKB)

Sergio Mendes & Black Eyed Peas – Mas Que Nada

Sitti – Mas Que Nada

Black Pearls – Mas Que Nada

95 Norte - Mas Que Nada

BB Band – Mas Que Nada

Now, if you want “World Cup” MP3s and music, just go to Call Me Mickey. He matches songs from each nation competing each day! And he also posted each country’s national anthem. Here’s the list of national anthems from his blog. Yeah, I know that you will not download them but it’s just fun to post these mp3s! Support your team!

World Cup Teams National Anthems

Brazil Hino Nacional Brasileiro
England God Save The Queen
Paraguay Paraguayos, Republica o Muerte
Trinidad/Tobago Forged From The Love of Liberty
Sweden Thou Ancient, Thou Free
Cote d’Ivoire L'Abidjanaise
Argentina Himno Nacional Argentino
Serbia/Montenegro Boze Pravde
Netherlands Wilhelmus van Nassouwe
Mexico Mexicanos, al grito de guerra
Iran Sorud-e Melli-e Iran
Angola Angola Avante!
Portugal A Portuguesa
Australia Advance Australia Fair
Japan Kimi Ga Yo
USA Star Spangled Banner
Czech Republic Kde domov muj
Italy Il Canto degli Italiani
Ghana God Bless Our Homeland Ghana
Korea Aegukga
Togo Salut a toi, pays de nos aieux
France La Marseillaise
Switzerland Swiss Psalm
Croatia Lijepa nasa domovino
Spain Marcha Real
Ukraine Shche ne vmerla Ukraina
Tunisia Himat Al Hima
Saudi Arabia Aash Al Maleek

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Let's Get Physical

Waaah! I need to go back to the gym. Since it will be monsoon season (okay, rainy season lang), the only thing to do is to eat, sleep and stay at home. For sure, I'll gain the 15lbs that I lost during summer. Yes, I lost 15lbs within 2-3 months. Thanks to the "half-cup rice diet" and "no white foods after 7pm" and "Yakult everyday, everyday okay" diet. Go lacto-bacilli!

I'm still not sure about the boxing classes in Alabang. And I'm too lazy to pick up the phone and inquire.

So now, I need some suggestions! Aside from going to the gym and pump some irons, or getting some boxing lessons (not the pacquiao type lessons... hahaha!) whatelse is available? I have to start after i get back from my San Diego trip.

How about surfing lessons? Wahahaha! Yeah, Ali/Jowell is already planning (or imagining) a trip to La Union for some sand and surf (and fish and chips). TBeth went to La Union and according to her, surfing lessons are fun fun fun. One thing though, I'm not a good swimmer (blame it to my smoking habits).

Ayokong malunod, masyado pa akong bata (at gwapo at cute... hahaha). For now, 50 push-ups every morning and every night and some dumb bell curls will do.

But that doesn't solve my problems with my abs. My semi-flabby abs. Crap!

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Kelis - Bossy MP3
Metric - Police And The Private MP3
Sun Kill Moon - Neverending Math Equation MP3

My New Blog Haven

I started a new blog. For now, I won’t tell you about it. I'm still trying to figure out what my new blog will be called. What I know right now is that my posts from my new blog is more personal. About who I am, what i want, frustrations, etc.

So what's new? Eh nandito din sa blog ko yang mga yan.

I said before that i don't trust people that easily. I have not met anyone who can just be there and understand who I am. I have a lot of friends. I do trust them at some level. It's just that I KNOW that when i turn my back, they will ready to stab me in the back.

Reality is that we "talk" about our friends when they are not around. I'm trying really hard not to do this yet I'm not that successful. At least I'm trying.

So back to my new blog.... Saka ko na lang i-share. Wag muna ngayon. Masyado pang maaga.

Currently listening to: Fergie - Won’t Let You Fall MP3

"And through the depths of high and low
Wherever you will go, I'll follow
To the end, back again
You know"

My Desitny

I have always dreamed of this
I'll admit there was something I missed
wondering if this is for real
every mistake every wrong turn
everytime i lost my way
let me to
moment of bliss tonight

with you, finally I can break free
with you, some changing in my destiny
dream come true, its so funny now that I see
how different life turned out to be

You were always by my side
That you believed in me was enough reason why
I didn't stop, i didn't give up
even if i sometimes lost hope

I did my best, and I am blessed
in love

with you, finally I can break free
with you, some changing in my destiny
dream come true, its so funny now that I see
how different life turned out to be

can I get any higher
tell me
does it get any stronger
I always dreamed
that I made it through
never could have done it without you

With you.... yeah.... I can break free

some changing in my destiny
dream come true, its so funny now that I see
how different life turned out to be.

I realised that it's my destiny

Download Links:

Katharine McPhee - My Destiny MP3
Katharine McPhee - Somewhere Over The Rainbow MP3

Mp3s from Musicalypso, reposted in TDP.

Much Has Been Said

Much has been said
Said you never leave
Why’d it have to be
Harder than it had to be
Don’t you throw blame
You were a part of this
Wasn’t suppose to end
With us just walking away
So many times we tried
Holding on to the pain but in my baby’s eyes I see my shame
Asking why you had to leave
Wasn’t I strong enough to make you see
That the biggest part of this
It’s not about you and me
But just be wrong if we held on
Maybe tomorrow we’ll find
A taste for the old days hard lessons
We’ve left behind
This mirrors an open door
I can barely stand to see myself
I don’t know what to do anymore
I’m crying out for help
Ohh lord
Much has been said
Will I never learn
Keeping my fingers crossed
Praying for my luck to turn
But I can’t complain
I’m living it easy
Job’s keeping me busy
Going crazy
Can’t describe the way it felt
When you left said your goodbyes
It just seems crazy for me to think
That I’ll find love a second time
But we all know how it all wraps up in the end
Maybe tomorrow we’ll find
Ohhh lord…
What am I leaving behind
Sweet how we see the big picture when your life’s not on the line
I know the way out but do you see what I see
A tortured life always second guessing the bookie
Put money on the table thought that was all I had to do
Never came home
Never said a word to you
No one ever said it was going to be easy…
Easy start over again this time this time
Let’s do it right
Start over again this time this time
Let’s keep the fires burning
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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Emperor's New Clothes

I wonder why people are attracted to flesh? If one will look at it objectively, skin is skin, flesh is flesh, bone is bone. And yet, people are so obsessed over them.

What makes the smoothness of the skin attractive? What makes the redness of the lips so appealing? What is it about the general goodness of the body that makes us all fools for it?

Does it somehow give us grounds for exploration? Maybe when exploring someone else, it gives us a sense of fulfillment, a sort of conquest. Perhaps it's a primal need to "own" or to "take over" another being to make us feel superior, like winning a trophy.

On the other hand, there are those who prefer to be on the receiving end of the said "conquest". Maybe it is a form of flattery that someone would make an effort to win them over; that their bodies were enticing enough to be regarded as a prize for their "conquerors".

Either way, it shows how human beings need or at the very least, want to be with other people, regardless of the depth or shallowness of this need or want, though I don't mean to imply that physical attraction is shallow. I believe that even that has its own significant purpose. The human body is a superficial thing, at least that's how most of us are led to view it. Still, we can't deny that a great part of our minds, hearts and own bodies are held by the yearning for it.

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Beyonce - DeJa Vu MP3 (New Single!)
Rivermaya - 241 MP3 (Hot Track!)*
Michaelangelo - 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover MP3
The Killers - Mr. Brightside MP3
INXS - Pretty Vegas MP3
The 88 - Hide Another Mistake MP3
Nine Black Alps - Unsatisfied MP3

241 is not the same as Rivermaya's 214 (with Bamboo).

"I wanted to turn you on
My favorite song.
Wanted to be near you
But somebody owns you now."

Si Lola Talaga...

Si Lola, ma-L.... Wahahahaha.

My Cubicle

A parody of James Blunt's "You're Beautiful." Wahahaha! Left click the title to download the song!

My Cubicle

My job is stupid
My day's a bore
Inside this office
From eight 'til four

Well, nothing ever happens
My life is pretty bland
Pretending that I'm working
Pray I don't get canned

My cubicle, My cubicle
It's one of sixty two
It's my small space
In a crowded place
Just a six-by-six board booth
And I hate it, that's the truth

Well, I give a sigh
As the boss walks by
No one ever talks to me
Or looks me in the eye

And I really should work
But instead I just
Sit here and surf the Internet

My cubicle, My cubicle
It doesn't have a view
It's my small space
In a crowded place
I sit and sigh there, too
And sometimes I sit here nude

ABC Shows - Free Video Streaming

Go to and watch LOST Season 2, Alias Season 5, Desperate Housewives Season 2 and Commander-in-Chief episodes for free.

But of course, you need to have a fast internet connection!

Yay! Finally, I can watch the last episode of Lost and the last three epsodes of Commander-In-Chief!

Keys Me

She's pretty
She looks nice
But please, don't let her hold the microphone.... ever.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Dear XO,

Please stop! Stop it right now before I fall for you. Yeah, it’s pathetic, we only met two months ago. But what’s with your emails, Friendster messages, YM’s? Maybe I’m exaggerating but is there something going on that I should know? Your last message was a month ago and so I thought that you forgot me, like I’m just another “friend” in your list. But after reading your message to me this morning…. Oh shit. Hahahaha! Yah, I’m just exaggerating. Maybe it’s the lack of sleep, or the happy pills that I’m popping each day. You’re one great friend. Let’s see how it goes. I really don’t know you that well. But I see some sincerity in your emails, and I just can’t stop looking at your pictures.

I hope that we can meet up someday. Both of us are busy though. Especially you. Running your own business at a very young age. Do you need a business partner? You mentioned that you just hired a store manager right? When your next store opens up, I’m more than willing to work with you. To work for you!

Maybe I’m not falling for you. Maybe I’m just happy that I met someone like you. Maybe.

Haaaaaay. Maybe I’m just hungry.


Currently Listening to:
Bright Eyes - Lover That I Don't Have To Love MP3 - highly recommended

"But you, you write such pretty words. But life's no storybook. Love's an excuse to get hurt and to hurt. Do you like to hurt? I do, I do. Then hurt me..."

James Blunt - You're Beautiful MP3
Five for Fighting - 100 Years MP3
Feist - Inside and Out MP3

Goodbye and Good Luck Album

Jeepney Diaries Fifth Compilation Album: Goodbye and Goodluck

Many thanks to Jesse, Jowell, Van, Sarah, Celine, Raymond, Ali, Jason for the mp3s. These are some of the best songs that was included in the CD that we gave to Michelle and Degs. I chose 18 out of the 30+ songs in the disc. Here you go, another Jeepney Diaries’ compilation album.

To Michelle and Degs, goodbye and good luck in Oz!

1. Aqualung - Brighter Than Sunshine
2. Ash - Shining Light
3. Bamboo - I Don't Wanna Wait in Vain
4. Barenaked Ladies - Call And Answer
5. Darius - Journey's End
6. EBTG - Old Friends
7. Jodie Brooke Wilson - Temporary Madness
8. Juana - Goodbye
9. Kenny Latimore - For You
10. Michael Buble - Home
11. Michell San Miguel - In My Life
12. Nada Surf - If You Leave
13. Nouvelle Vague - I Melt With You
14. S Club 7 - Never Had A Dream Come True
15. Sarah Mc Lachlan - I Will Remember You
16. Semisonic - Closing Time
17. Sitti - Lost In Space
18. Suede - Beautiful Ones

Tuesday Blah

No official announcement yet from the staff meeting this morning. I wonder why. They already told us that people will rotate around the organization but there’s still an unfilled position. Eh di ba si R na yun? Anyway, I’m already doing my transition plans so that we can cut the transition from 2 months to at least 4-6 weeks.

Right now, it’s hard to let go of my current position. I mean, I still have a lot of projects that will be implemented a quarter or so from now. I just hope that the new IE (or whoever will take my role) will not be given full credit from those projects since I’m the one who worked it out during the project development.

Anyway, I don’t know how to end this post. Hmmm….

Oh! Okay. So there are a lot of interesting bloggers emailing me. Thanks thanks! But before you link me up, just want to tell you something…

This is MY PERSONAL blog. This is MY FREE INTERNET SPACE. Bahala akong magsulat ng kung anong gusto ko. This is my therapy. Mahal kasi yung totoong therapy so dito na lang. I’m sorry for some of my grammatical errors. I’m doing free writing: I write whatever’s on my head and then I click the publish button. Though I know that it’s not an excuse to be grammatically incorrect, let the first person who never had these errors cast the first stone! Wahahaha! As for the mp3’s and DLs, I got them from a lot of websites, blogs and from my new favorite site – Some of the MP3s were uploaded/re-uploaded in TDP.

Currently listening to (you can download them as well)
Clearlake - I Hate It That I Got What I Wanted MP3
Tegan and Sara - I Know I Know I Know MP3
Bromheads Jacket - What If's and Maybe's MP3

E-Man loves Dallas

Got this from

Monday, June 12, 2006

Birthday Gift

Ano kayang bibilhin ko sa Birthday ko?
1. Moto RAZR V3x (Razr with 3G capability, hindi V3, hindi V3i... V3x po!)
2. Video iPOD or just the regular iPOD
3. Digicam
4. World Peace

Reasons why i shouldn't buy any of these
1. Razr not - I still have my K500i. And i just use my phone for SMS and some calls.
2. iPOD - There are cheap mp3 players. But an iPOD will just make me cooler. Wahahaha!
3. Digicam - Nah. I'm not really into digital photography.

So, world peace na naman ba?

Hey, bloggers... What do you think should i buy in my birthday? Any thoughts? My birthday will be in September but i need to save money now if i want to buy something for myself. Don't want to have another credit-card swipe attack. Gasgas na credit card (though, still in good credit).

Magkano ba sex slave ngayon? Wahahahah... LOL. Seriously, what should i buy and why?

I'll be releasing my birthday wish list soon. Mag-ipon na din kayo! Wahahahaha!

Bicker Me Not

We live in a world where people are afraid to take accountability and push the blame to others, to the politicians. Oppression, poverty, corruption: are these government problems? We directly put the blame to them since they are the people who we think has power and have the authority to fix them. It is only during national disasters where we act and help out. The recent landslide, hurricane Katrina, terrorist attacks, pain in the ass problems. What’s sad is that we only become one nation when we’re struck with such tragedies. Sad. We come together as one during national tragedies (Americans, Asians, etc.) but after that, we go back to our own lives.

I’ve been listening to Pink’s “Dear Mr. President.” It made me realize more that we keep on putting blame to our politicians where we ourselves can do something to fix them. It may not be our main job but as human beings who has the capability to help out, why can’t we. Even the social activists can do more than just march along EDSA. We can take baby steps to help out.

What’s wrong in this world (not just in our country) is how we put labels in things: Race, social status, gender, etc. It’s how we avoid conflict.

Eh hindi ko yan trabaho, ano naman magagawa ko.

Trust me, meron.

Instead of telling people how to solve their problems or how to do your job, maybe it’s time to be proactive. Be part of the solution. We’re always stuck with the same problem-solving strategies which in the end, is ineffective. Maybe we should go back to square one and try to find alternative ways.

We are all guilty of beings “labelists.” We think that we’re better than others. Work-related aside, are we better than the current politicians? Are we better than the other Asians? Are straight people more moral than gay folks? Class A vs Class E: Who’s smarter? What’s wrong with being yellow or black or white? We can only put labels to professions such as Doctors, Teachers, and maybe lawyers. Dun lang pwede.

It’s time to put a stop on bickering and bitching people around when it comes to national issues. Protesta ka ng protesta tapos mamaya nasa Starbucks ka na. Protesta ng mga estudyante, unahin mo kaya munang mag-aral (and after that, you’ll have something more to offer). Rally ka ng rally pero sa nakikinig ba sayo ang gobyerno. Rallies and protests are not that effective anymore. If people can channel them differently, maybe it’ll turn out well.

Right now, di ko alam kung anong gagawin ko. But maybe the best way to approach this is putting a stop into labeling people and taking some accountability into national issues. Isa itong mahabang proseso na walang tamang sagot. But at least, I’m one step into finding the real answers.

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Pink – Dear Mr. President MP3
Mary J Blige – One (feat. Bono) MP3
Bloc Party - Price of Gasoline MP3

WC'06: England Won!

Brooklyn (Beckham) cheers for England and his dad!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Devil, The Bitch and The Balls


After watching OMEN, I searched the web for Devil-ish music. And I found them in IGIF, MOKB, GVB and GWFAS. Woot! Woot!

Album Cover to be posted tomorrow...

01 Jenny Lews - Run Devil Run MP3
02 Interpol - Evil MP3
03 Modest Mouse - This Devil's Workday MP3
04 Sufjan Stevens - In The Devil's Territory MP3
05 Black Tie Dynasty - Die MP3
06 Tariko - Devil's Elbow MP3
07 Murder By Death - The Devil In Mexico MP3
08 Charlie Daniels Band - The Devil Went Down To Georgia MP3
09 Guillemots - She's Evil MP3
10 Jane's Addiction - Sympathy For The Devil MP3


New set of mp3s. For YOU (yeah, you know who YOU are), for ME and for EVERYONE:
For YOU: Ben Folds - Bitches Ain't Shit MP3
For ME: Devendra Banhart - I Feel Just Like A Child MP3
For EVERYONE: Loudon Wainwright III - The Swimming Song MP3

And of course, from the true blonde bitch herself
Paris Hilton - Stars Are Blind MP3


Since it's World Cup season, I'm currently listening to these mp3s. Go Brazil! Go England! Hmmm... i think i'll come-up with a World Cup 2006 compilation album. Let's see next week!

Currently listening to
Guillemots - Trains To Brazil MP3
Arcade Fire - Brazil (live) MP3
Emiliana Torrini - Today Has Been Okay (live) MP3 (for the FIFA losers, hahaha)
Sunset Rubdown - Stadiums and Shrines II MP3

*Lastly, this one is for TRIXY. I saw that you posted the lyrics in your blog.
The Beach Boys - Wouldn't It Be Nice? MP3


***can't post any pics. Something's wrong with Blogger again. I'll try to post the pics later.


Happy Philippine Independence Day! Jeepney Diaries treats all bloggers with some of the OPM (Original Philippine Artist) best songs which I think shows the true Filipino character. “Left Click” and download the songs! Thanks to The Digital Pinoy for the links!

01 Jeepney – Sponge Cola
02 Jeepney - Kala
03 Bamboo – Noypi
04 Rivermaya – Awit ng Kabataan
05 Orange and Lemons - Pinoy Ako
06 Toni Gonzaga and Sam Milby – Sikat and Pinoy
07 Itchyworms - Kabataang Pinoy
08 Francis Magalona – Tayo’s Mga Pinoy
09 APO Hiking Society – Awit ng Barkada
10 Barbie Almalbis – O Pinoy
11 Imago - Idlip
12 Juan Dela Cruz – Beep Beep Beep Beep
13 Black Eyed Peas - Bebot
14 Various Artists – Para sa Masa


Newly found friend Jojo made a confession this afternoon. He said that he rode one of the Maytinis floats last December. FYI: Maytinis is an annual event in Kawit, Cavite where characters from the Bible parade on floats. Back to the story. He asked me if I can remember him from one of the floats. I said that I’ll just watch the video that I took last year.

Around 930pm, I took the CD and watched it. And there he was. Playing the role of Samson in “Samson and Delilah.” Hahahahaha! Patay ka sakin Jojo! Hahaha!

I have nothing against people riding the floats during the Maytinis parade. It’s just that, it’s weird – standing in front of people, playing a Biblical role, freezing your ass for about 2-3 hours.


We watched “the Omen” this afternoon and it was a so-so movie. I have not watched the original film and my friends said that I should watch it because it’s better than the remake. The remake is good; I jumped 3-4 times off my seat. It’s not that scary (the end of the world, the son of the devil, Armageddon) because I had watched millions (okay, just a couple) of anti-Christ/End of the world movie. The kid who played Damien is not that scary especially when he stares. He’s cute, not that scary.


Two more weeks before my trip to San Diego, California. I’m excited because of the conference. I dread the trip, the ~12-hour flight from Hong Kong to LA. Anyway, I’ll be staying in San Diego for only 5 days. Angela might meet us in our last day. The trip is purely business. No time to shop, no time to wonder around San Diego. It’s a love-hate trip. Wahahahaha!


Okay. Something work-related. I’m not sure if our bosses will announce the changes that will happen in our group. I really hope to start my transition to the Strategic group and set some expectations with my new boss. The new role that I’ll be taking is somewhat complicated and conflicting. And until now, I don’t have any idea what my job title be. You see, I’ll be working on (1) SAP, (2) Capital/Asset Management, (3) IE Business Processes, (4) IE Systems, and, (5) the Sta. Rosa platform. Weird huh?! I can call my self a Strategic Industrial Engineer but I need the exact name. SAP SAP IE? Hahahaha!

Saturday, June 10, 2006


I found this site called that will find out what thinks of you, your friends or anything! I tried it and can't stop laughing at what thinks of me. Then i tried it, started typing Jay's, Alina's, Van's and Trixy's names.

jay santos is performing routine anthrax searches on hospital patients the easiest way he knows how… holding them down and shoving microscopes up their nasal
*This is the reason why Jay might extend in the US. This is his new job!

alina is one of those petite blondes
*Half true. She is blonde. Hahahaha!

vanessa is one of the most gorgeous young ladies that has ever graced porn
*Van loves her porn especially he one that involves 2 horses.

trixy is a flower girl and rexy is the ring bearer
*So I guess R's name is Rexy.


Oy. Easy lang. Masyado kang hot. Maligo ka. Tanggal init. Iniinis mo lang sarili mo. Alam mo yun? Parang instead na ayusin mo problema mo eh yung ibang tao ang pinro-problema mo. Ah wala kang problema. Ako din wala. So dapat wala tong post kong 'to.

Pero meron eh. Meron. Oo. Malaki problema mo. Problema mo sa akin. Ano ba? Wala naman akong ginagawa sa'yo. Inaway na ba kita? Never pa. May ninakaw ba 'ko sayo? Siniraan ba kita? Alam mo di ko alam. Ilang ulit ko na inisip kung anong problema mo sakin. Ewan ko sa'yo.

Ngayon. Di ko alam kung pano kita naging kaibigan. Oo, masaya ka kasama. Pero hanggang dun lang. Ayoko na.

I can always find new friends. Madami dyan. Willing to be my friend. Na alam ko, good intentions ang meron. Oo, minsan, ginagago din ako pag talikod ko. Pero mas gugustuhin ko sila kesa sayo. Masyadong mataas level mo. Di ko alam kung pano mo narating yun. Yung level na ginagawan mo ng issue ang ibang tao pero ikaw mismo, mas malaki issue mo sa buhay.

Hay. Tama na 'to. Pati ako pinroproblema pa kita. Sana ito na last post ko na connected ka.


Friday, June 09, 2006

Modern Day Beatitudes

Blessed are the strange, the weird, the people we laugh at, those who do not fit our mold, especially the socially wretched and despised. By their presence in our lives, they expand our reality—on our part, reluctantly and on theirs, so painfully—by forcing us to look at them in the hope that we see the God in them.

Blessed are the depressed and the addicted for they are called upon to demonstrate the healing miracles of God through their own awakening.

Blessed are the broken, those who fail, those who fall below our expectations for they are asked to show the rest of us that not being perfect is part of the human condition—that accepting our imperfection is the first step in our realization of the divine perfection of all that is.

Blessed are the nameless, the faceless the dispossessed—the refugees, the homeless and the poor for they point us to the way to compassion. By their sheer numbers, they tell us that ultimately, the experience of compassion is inescapable.

Blessed are the cruel, the calloused and uncaring, for on some deep unconscious level, they choose to delay their own liberation so that others may be ‘enlightened’ by their example.

Blessed are those who arouse us to anger, who bring out the worst in us, for they force us out of the denial that we harbor within—that we are hooked on them, that they resonate with something hidden inside us, and to break free, we must let go of our misguided moral superiority.
Blessed are those who cause us to suffer repeatedly by their mistakes, for they are our tutors who spend valuable time so that we learn our lessons well.

Blessed are those who do not seem to have a life, and especially those who do not have a choice—those who are physically debilitated, paralyzed or in a coma and cannot move, for they bring us a message that is lost in this age of frenzy—that to be worthy of God's love, we need not strive to do or achieve anything, but simply be.

Blessed are all of us, for whatever condition we find ourselves in, we can choose to remember our true nature, our original blessing, our timeless
grace—anytime, any place, and always—and be happy in our Oneness.

from ‘Between Blinks--More Random Takes on Everything’ by Jim Paredes

Currently Listening to:
Joshua Radin - The Fear You Won't Fall MP3
The Pixies - Where Is My Mind MP3
Nada Surf - Where Is My Mind (Cover) MP3


Oh my.... I'm so optimistic tonight. I wonder why...

Naomi Shihab Nye

Before you know what kindness really is
you must lose things,
feel the future dissolve in a moment
like salt in a weakened broth.
What you held in your hand,
what you counted and carefully saved,
all this must go so you know
how desolate the landscape can be
between the regions of kindness.
How you ride and ride
thinking the bus will never stop,
the passengers eating maize and chicken
will stare out the window forever.

Before you learn the tender gravity of kindness,
you must travel where the Indian in a white poncho lies dead by the side of the road.
You must see how this could be you,
how he too was someone
who journeyed through the night with plans
and the simple breath that kept him alive.
Before you know kindness as the deepest thing inside,
you must know sorrow as the other deepest thing.
You must wake up with sorrow.
You must speak to it till your voice
catches the thread of all sorrows
and you see the size of the cloth.

Then it is only kindness that makes sense anymore,
only kindness that ties your shoes and sends you out into the day
to mail letters and purchase bread,
only kindness that raises its head from the crowd of the world
to say it is I you have been looking for,
and then goes with you every where like a shadow or a friend.

How To Deal

I thought I'd share this quote. For sure, all of us have had (or still have) a few people we secretly wish ill-will on. This one cuts beautifully.

When the opportunity presents itself for you to defeat your enemy,
that is the time which you must not do it.
There will come a time, in many instances,
when the person who hates you most,
the person who has misused you most,
the person who has gossiped about you most,
the person who has spread false rumors about you most,
there will come a time when
you will have an opportunity to defeat that person.
It might be in terms of a recommendation for a job;
it might be in terms of helping that person
to make some move in life.
That's the time you must do it.
That is the meaning of love.

In the final analysis,
love is not this sentimental something that we talk about.
It's not merely an emotional something.
Love is creative, understanding goodwill for all men.
It is the refusal to defeat any individual.
When you rise to the level of love, of its great beauty and power,
you seek only to defeat evil systems.
Individuals who happen to be caught up in that system, you love,
but you seek to defeat the system.

-Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Sakit! Tinamaan ako. And i also want to share some quotes from Michelle, my officemate who will go to Oz with her husband Degs.

Don't stop if you fail in your first attempt
Whatever you do, just stick with your goal
Sooner or later, everthing will be in its place

Michelle and Degs, both of you will be missed! Good luck in Oz!

Philippine Independence Day

They forgot the flag so they just took these whities

Thursday, June 08, 2006

The 5 Million Dollar Baby 2

More pics? Go to Just Jared. Also go to Gawker to read more about the battle for Shiloh pics.

So where's the money going to? All proceeds are going toward the construction of a Baby Prada factory outlet in Addis Ababa. Wahahaha! Eventually, as Jay said, Brad and Angelina will break-up. And so as Tom and Kattie.

So now, how much will the picture below cost if I sell it to People and Hello! Magazine? I'll start the bidding at $500. Any takers?

Baby Deej

Follow The Bouncing Ball

We had our mini-teambuilding this afternoon. Sorry, I can't tell you what happenned because it is confidential. Anyway, I learned a lot this afternoon. Hmmm.. what to write, what to write?

One activity in our teambuilding is having people write something about your strengths and weaknesses. You won't know who wrote them because that piece of paper will be taped in your back. After the activity, to sum it up, people saw me as having leadership qualities, hard-working, and proactive. As for my weaknesses, they see me as a guy who doesn't share a lot, share my feelings, share my thoughts. Not transparent.

It is hard for me to share my thoughts and feelings face to face. I avoid confrontation, rather, confronting myself in front of people. I require more than trust and loyalty. I need people to have an open mind to understand me. I blog my thoughts and feelings, this does not need any human interface.

It's better for me to read about what's been happenning in my life. I avoid people mis-judging my actions. My life is complicated. You might argue that everyone's life is complicated. Yeah, life sucks in so many ways. But i rather face it myself. I'll talk when I find the need to do so.

Now as for being grumpy so early in the morning.... I'm not a morning person. I'm more productive at night.

I've been feeling really weird this past few days. Must be my testosterones. Hahaha! I want to do something but I'm just afraid to do so. Not now, maybe in a couple of months. I dunno? Paksyet!

There's one thing that i want to happen though. I want to live somewhere else where nobody knows me. Start with a clean slate. Tabula Rasa. Live in a new place, start a new life. I NEED THAT FRESH START. But that won't happen anytime soon. Darn it!

Post Summer Music

Keep on Hoping
by Raul Midon featuring Jason Mraz
Download Link: Raul Midon - Keep On Hoping (feat. Jason Mraz)

Do you know what it’s like to wonder?
Do you know what it’s like to be alone in love
With the one you adore?
Do you know what it’s like to hold her?
Do you know what it’s like to feel the way I do?
Well if she only knew

I’m gonna keep on hoping
She catches my smile
And I’m gonna keep on hoping
That she likes my style
And I’m gonna keep on hoping
That one day she’ll be mine

Did you ever wish you could get away?

And do you know what it’s like to want her?
And to breathe her name
In every song you sing?
She is in everything

I’m gonna keep on hoping
That she catches my smile
And I’m gonna keep on hoping
That she likes my style
And I’m gonna keep on hoping
That one day she’ll be mine

Did you ever wish you could get away,
Even for a day,
Where they don’t know your name?

Did I ever think I could find someone
Who would be the one to love?

Do you know what it’s like to wonder?
Yes I know what it’s like to feel the way you do
And this one’s for you

I’m gonna keep on hoping
That she catches your smile
And I’m gonna keep on hoping
That she likes your style
And I’m gonna keep on hoping
One day you’ll find love

That’s why I’m gonna keep on kissing
Her in my dreams
And I’m gonna keep on
Waiting for those yellows to change to greens
And I’m gonna keep on
Hoping one day she’ll be mine

I’m gonna keep on hoping....

Visit Raul Midon's website at