Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Woot! Woot! Super Proxy vs Flash+ Game 3. And guess who won....

(I'm hearing Francis M and Eli Buendia in the background... )


Jay is currently in the US so he missed our last game. Just like last year with the CMO team, Jay was not able to play Game 3 vs QnR/PE because of his scheduled trip in the US. Now with Super Proxy, we only have 8 players left (Allan was busy with his RRP so he was unable to join us in our last game).

First Set. Full-effort! I never thought that I could last that gruelling set. My game was amateur-ish by standard. Thanks to 2 Extra Joss and my happy pill called Vitamin B 500, i lasted the first set, made a couple of spikes (2 points baby) and we won! But after set 1, i was already tired and so Deejay (Rimbon) played on the second set.

Second Set. We lost. But we fought hard. Too many damn errors. At Gamepoint (23-24), our team was unable to save the ball and lost that set against Flash+. I blame the court. Hahaha!

Third Set. We're back! Gelo "Bertud" Taylo replaced Deejay. Bertud is back! Toss here, spike there, drop here... Woot Woot! We won the third set.

Fouth Set. It's now or never. Nice spike from Emong, another one from Pedro, and another one from Jeck. Oh, and a nice one from Bertud. And... we won!

This is my second consecutive win! Last year was with CMO, this year, we have to regroup with QnR and named our team Super Proxy. Yay! Pedro, Obong (Oliver Ong) and James (pronounced as Dya-Mes) had their first win after 3-4 championship games. Jeck had his 1st win (he's with Wi-Fi last year and lost), Emong and Jay (?) with their 3rd, and as for Bertud... 4 consecutive championships. Do not under estimate the powers of Bertud Taylo!

Pedro will surely remember this championship. He'll be leaving our company and go to Singapore (hmmmm...). I'm not sure if Emong will retire (bad knee) next year. As for Jay, he needs a lot of calcium (brittle bones... old age... LOL). I'll play again next year (if I'm still here).

This is the best thing that happened today... after having another bad day with "the boss."

Happy Happy Joy Joy. Kill Them All. KILL THEM ALL!


*Btw, Mr Difficult... we're not close. WE'RE NOT CLOSE! Even when we were in College. An IEClubber does not mingle with PSME folks.

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