Sunday, May 07, 2006

Lazy Weekend with Friends

48 hours of pure laziness. Typical weekend. I locked myself in my room and watched Friends Season 8-10 (thanks to Jay for lending me the DVDs). No other TV show can replace Friends.

Sunday afternoon, i actually went to the mall and got my picture taken for my Visa. 6 weeks to go and I'm off to San Diego for 5 days. Maybe on the way back from the US i'll stop by HK for some RnR. Still have to plan a lot of stuff (clothes to wear, things to buy!).

The weekend helped me relaxed a bit before the "big day" on Friday. I asked CS/AF if we can reschedule the interview and they pushed it out on Friday 7am. 5 more days. Need to do my homework. Thanks to a couple of my colleagues, I might ace the interview but then there's this small thing inside my head that kept me wondering if i really want to get this job or get a new career outside the semicon industry.

Yes, I may sound silly. I don't know. Fuck. I'm not sure if being an IE is the right job for me. My friends from college had gone to marketing, to sales, even to IT. Only some of us stayed as IEs. IE (Indutrial Engineering) is a big discipline. What I'm sure right now is that i can't stay more than 2 years working on tactical assignments.

I want to work on techincal marketing and a little on advertising . I really want to be involved on introducing new products in the market, and helping out in advertising it. And the closest that i get to work on new products is to apply for the EIT IE position for the next multi core microprocessor that will be launched around late 2007.

Weekends... Lazy as I am, it gave me time to think about what i want. But the answers are yet to come.

MP3s Ahead

Here are the episode soundtrack from Grey's Anatomy (Blues for Sister Someone)
"Police And The Private" - Metric
"Follow Through" - Hotel Lights
"Love" - the Sunshine

Wish me luck on Friday. Whatever.


juice is justine said...

No other TV show can replace Friends.

This is the most correct thing ever. I love F.R.I.E.N.D.S it's my favorite show in the world. I can have 1 week nonstop Friends marathon and still not get bored. Who's your favorite character?

Mine's Rachel. She reminds me of myself ^_^

MrDJ said...

i love phoebie! Or should i say Princess Corsuela Bananahammock!