Monday, May 01, 2006

Candy Coated World

We live in a world where people likes to candy-coat everything. We are not prepared. We cannot handle the truth. We want our truth mixed with fairy dusts and a drop of acid. We like the truth like liquor - a few like it straight, but most prefer it with a sugary sweet mixer.

The truth, as we know it, must be available in print, in public record. It is so uniquely haywire and phenomenally out of control, that if we didn’t write it down, it would have been like spending the afternoon daydreaming and creating images out of white puffy clouds.

There is no general truth. Everything came out from a scientists silly hypothesis. With today's technology, the truth is yet to be discovered. Scientists killing theories and re-writing it over and over.

The candy coated world is not getting sweeter. We'll all b ediabetic by the end of the day.

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Raymond said...

hehehe... ok po.. ililink ko na po kau... ;) ^^,