Saturday, May 06, 2006

Bye Bye Cooper?

Rumor has it that Mischa Barton, who plays Marissa Cooper, will be leaving the OC. No more Coop on Season 4? They said that the reason why she wants to leave is that she doesn't want the way her character is evolving...

Let's see
Season 1: She OD'd
Season 2: She became a lesbian, then shot Ryan's brother
Season 3: Sex, Drugs and not-your-DCFC rock and roll

Anyway... here are the OC Episode soundtracks (Episode 321-324)! Yay! Season 3 is almost over. Season Finale (Episode 325: The Graduates) on May 18th! Can't wait what happens to the OC kids.

Episode 321: The Dawn Patrol
"A Picture Of Me Without You" - George Jones
"Tiny Cities Made Of Ashes" - Sun Kil Moon
"Any Sound" - the Vines
"Foxy Foxy" - Rob Zombie
"Woman" - Wolfmother
"Waiting For You" - Ben Harper

Episode 322: The College Try
"Hands" - Ms. John Soda
"Limelight" - Two Hours Traffic
"Wrap It Up" - Whitey
"Night Birds" - Ryan Adams

Episode 323: The Party Favor
"Getting Hit On At The Bank" - The Briefs
"Earthquakes & Sharks" - Brandtson
"Oregon Girl" - Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltzin
"To All Of You" - Syd Matters
"Random" - Lady Sovereign
"I Can't Come Down" - Embrace
"Gotta Reason" - Hard-fi

Episode 324: The Man of the Year
"The Pioneers" - Bloc Party
"The Pioneers" - Tunng
"Spaceship" - The Vines
"Cherry Bomb" - The Runaways
"Flames Go Higher" - Eagles of Death Metal


juice is justine said...

yeah i know, sucks huh? anyway her character has been crazingly evolving in just a matter of 3 seasons. but nevertheless, i'm like OC addict. i prefer the soundtracks of season one more though. season 3 tracks are well, kinda, bland.

what's wrong with season 3?
hmm ;)

juice is justine said...

OH yup, the christmas album gave us a different side of Christmas entertainment giving it a more Chrismukkah feel. Hahaha.. :)

Yes yes, the linkage will be done. Take care~