Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Big C and Little c

"There is the Calorie and the calorie. Notice the only difference is the uppercase/lowercase letter c. The Calorie is the nutritional calorie, equal to 1000 calories, or 1 kilocalorie. It is the kind of calorie you find on food labels. It is equal to 4.1868 kilojoules. The Calorie is sometimes called the large calorie or kilogram calorie. The calorie is the calorie used by scientists, sometimes called the gram calorie or small calorie (because it is smaller than the Calorie). It has several definitions because it is defined as raising the temperature of a 1 gram of water 1 degree Celsius, which differs with the starting temperature of the water. There is the 15° calorie (4.1858 joules) and the international steam table (IT) calorie (4.1868 joules) and others.”

The Health Buff Club is compossed of Van, Trixy, Alina, Jay, Jerk, Allan, and soon, Ria. Alina found this website wherein you'll be able to know the number of calories in the food that you're planning to eat.

Okay.... Errr.... I think i don't need to start counting my calorie intake. I'm on my weight gain program since last year and i gained an extra 20 lbs (from 115lbs to 135 lbs). I'm on my ideal weight and all i need to do is to tone my muscles, be lean, and be done with it. Ali said that I am lucky for being not so fat (yet not so lean... steady lang).

Breakfast: Niccotine, Caffeine and 15 minutes under the sun for my Vitamin D

Lunch: 1/2 cup rice (the 1 cup rice served in Urban Chef is equal to 2 cups of rice already)

Dinner: I eat dinner before 7pm. Sometimes with no rice.
10-12 glasses of water - The extra glasses are my snack substitute

Less white food - White food (rice, crackers, etc.) has too much carbs

But usually, I'll eat whatevers served! Food is food.

Sports: Volleyball (1-2x a month), Ultimate (1x a month)
Gym: I have a pair of 14lbs dumb bells, rusting under my bed
Stretching: 1x a week, i have my stretching exercises

I won't start counting my calorie intake. I'll eat peanut butter (more than 2 teaspoons), I'll eat a Big Mac meal, a Whopper with King Size Onion Rings, an overpriced coffee with whipped cream... Yum yum...

To the Health Buff Club.... Good Luck guys! But remember... Just remember.... A Big Mac Meal won't hurt you!

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