Wednesday, May 31, 2006

History Repeats Itself

Okay. Parang nagyari na 'to. Naliligaw ba ako? Baliktarin ko ba t-shirt ko para di ako maligaw?I checked my last blog, my posts last year... Tama... nangyari na nga 'to.

Eto mga excerpts.

Quarter Life Crisis - 4/13/2005
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...Overworked but underpaid. I hate routine work. I thought I'll get a hang of it. But no. I want to work on projects... different projects. I also like marketing stuff. Am I on a quarter life crisis? I need to take some time off, stop working for just a couple of days, and think of what I want for a change. Do I still want this job? Where will I go then? I'm not sure what the answers are. But I think I'm getting bored. There's no more drive. I think I'm being less productive even if a couple of people are seeing my improvements and proactiveness in my position. I'm being proactive just to get things done ASAP. But it seems that after every good thing done, I need to step up and go one level higher. I need to take a break and try to compose myself again. Re-assess my plans. If I'm not happy, then I think I have to pack my bags and leave. I just need to have this big excuse so I can go on leave. Maybe I'll tell my boss that if he does not allow me to take a leave then I'll resign. Hahahaha! Tang-ina, di ako nabuhay para magtrabaho or magtratrabaho para mabuhay. Nabuhay ako para sa sarili ko!

Pakshet - 06/22/2005
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...People expect too much. Ahead of the power curve shit. Makes me wanna throw-up. Malamang siya mismo di niya alam kung pano 'to gawin. Wahahaha! Monstrous! Change topic. What's the difference between a manager and her subordinates?
1. The manager gives problems, the subordinates must think of solutions
2. The solutions are not enough to satisfy whatever s/he wants... It's always a suboptimal solution
3. Your manager will give you tons of work because s/he's assuming that you can do it
4. List goes on, ayoko na, naiinis lang ako.Waaaaah!

In Search for the Unknown - 06/25/2005
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Tell me what you want
What you really really want
I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna

Does anyone remember this song from Spice Girls? I’m not saying that Spice Girls are back in action, but it occurred to me that a part of the lyrics is the actual question that’s been bothering me? People asking me, or what I usually ask myself. What do I really want?

Looking at myself today, I began asking myself what I really really want. Will I stay at X company as an IE? Will I stay but work for a different group? Will I go outside Intel and see what other companies can offer me?

I asked around from other friends of mine from different departments and it seems that they’d also felt that work is becoming a pain in the ass.

“It’s unfair, I’m just new and still lacks training, and they expect me to do this?”

“I can’t stop comparing myself with my college classmates who works less but earns more.”

And my personal favorite

“Ako, ako, lagi na lang ako!”

It seems that we’re on the same page.

Filipino Masochist - 06/25/2005
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As hard-working Filipinos, we tend to be workaholic especially for people who needs to provide for their family. We always want to please our bosses, even if we know that our bandwidth was now over-stretched. We work 8hours a day in the office, 4hrs a day at home, and around 4-6hrs over the weekend. It’s not because that we cannot finish what needs to be accomplished in a given 40hr/week paid work period. But we are obsessed in pleasing our bosses and the people around us. The “X Company way” really does not work for us 100%. We are talking about Filipino culture. About the Filipino human nature. One that a lot of American companies needs to know, understand, and not exploit.

Now as a new hire, we are more workaholic than anyone. Constantly trying to impress everyone. Filipino masochists. Ganun tayo, masokista.

But the lesson I learned is that I can’t impress everyone. So I just have to do my best. Either they like it or they don’t. I won’t take the fall at the end. Pagod na akong maging masokista.

At some point, you’ll think about leaving a company for some reasons that only you yourself could understand. This is more prevalent for new-hires. They usually don’t know if they’re working for the right company. Personally, I think that it’s the boss’s job to point out at which direction will the new hire go. Anyway, they have a lot more experience so they should be able to at least sell the company, provide a more solid direction, and lay down the options available. But what happens is that the new-hires were usually blindsided by their work, the issues and the environment around them. It’s unfair to compare their job with another job on a different company but usually, that pop’s up in their mind. In my head. Money vs Work will be the first basis comparison. Which at this point is very debatable.

There's no direction from my boss, add to the fact the office politics and bureaucracy, working during weekends, multiple ARs and an uncompetitive salary. The drive to do better is fading... fast.

“Pasaway na kung pasaway.”

You choose your path. You choose your life. There’s no looking back: Roadblocks ahead of that not-so-yellow-brick-road; Pitstops are just options along the way. You cannot change who you are, but you can influence the direction. It’s time to speak-up and earn every bit of integrity left. Time to show them what you’re made of: Made of the same flesh and blood that makes your boss, the boss. So be your own boss, and make yourself one. You earn every right to be one.

Choices - 07/06/2005
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i'm free to choose what i want to do
i'm free to choose where to do it
i'm free to choose how to do it

well... i guess a rheotrical question was raised, wherein the freedom to choose becomes a burden

***haaaaaaaaaaay... My life is on repeat!

twenty five

1. anong ginagawa mo ngaun? ka-IM si Van, Jona and Trixy... at sinasagutan tong 25 questions from Rob.

2. badtrip ba ang araw na ito para sa iyo? Buong umaga oo (salamat kay Scarecrow). Nung hapon hindi.

3. mataray ka ba? minsan. sweet akong tao. hahahaha!

4. nasaan ka ngaun? nasa bahay, sa sala, sa sirang couch

5. may kaaway ka ba ngayon? di niya alam na kaaway ko siya/sila

6. ano ang bagay na bumabagabag sa iyo? anong nauna, the chicken or the egg?

7. sinong namimiss mo ngayon? si RC saka si XO

8. anong color motif ng iyong kwarto? ay... hmmm... beige ata.

9. ano ang mga paborito mong tsokolate? kisses and cadbury chocolates (any kind)

10 anong pagkain ang madalas mong kinakain sa inyong paaralan? naku.... i miss Chickenballs

11. masaya ka ba ngayon? di na masyado. na-ihi ko na yung vitamin B ko saka yung Extra Joss

12. ano ang mga kantang nasa playlist mo? kanina - Hiram (Sitti), Speeding Cars (Imogen Heap), Broken (Bjork) at madami pang iba. Tignan niyo na lang yung Jeepney Diaries Covers Album sa baba.

13. ilan kayong magkakapatid? 2. Denice Joyce is my sister. Actually, may isa pa, si Daniel James who died during my mom's pregnancy.

14. kanino ka pinaka-close? dalawa lang kami so may choice ba ako?

15. ano ang pinaka stupid na bagay na ginawa mo ngayon? di ko makita yung analysis na ginawa ko kanina so inulit ko sya... record time - 15minutes!

16. ano/sino ang pinaka-hate mo? the hello kitty factory characters!

17. anong oras na? 11pm

18. anong mas gusto mo? guy/girl na d msyadong cute ngunit makulit mabait at sweet? o guy/ girl na sobrang cute? yung first. kasi kung cute ka lang eh wala kang kwenta. dapat may emotions ka naman din diba.

19. choosy ka ba? medyo generic yung question pero kung connected 'to sa number 18 question then my answer is yes.

20. maarte ka ba? semi-vain sa damit, semi-vain sa personal hygeine, sa pagkain di naman masyado.

21. casual? or girlish? ayoko ng masyadong girlish na babae. walang kinabukasan sa kanya.

22. favorite mo ba ang mango? Oo. Ba't mo naman natanong?

23. sino mas gusto mo? alicia keys o alicia silverstone? Alicia Silverstone.... hotness!

24. fave color? now... BLACK!

25. ano ang favorite mong subject? Volleyball 3! Take note... VB3. Advance Volleyball


Disclaimer: Okay, it seems that day after day, I've been posting my misadventures with the scarecrow (hahaha... new nickname for he who-must-not-be-named). Just bear with me or just skip this post.

A couple of weeks ago, i think he was power trippin' with me. Then a couple of days ago, it's about spreading us too thin. And now, let's combine both (power trippin' and spreading us too thin). I won't tell you the details of what happened (the email exchanges, the IM's, etc.). Let's just go to the part where I rant about the scarecrow.

Conflicting Priorities. First we talked about prioritizing tool utilization, now you want us to work on manning ratio improvements. And you want results right away. Hmmm.... Conducting time and motion studies takes a couple of days. Ergonomics and Safety analysis, 2-3 days. So more or less, WE need 2-3 weeks. Oh wait, you said you want it on Monday. WTF!

Actually, I'm already numb with all your (mis)directions and (un)managerial competencies. I let it pass each day. I reply to your emails once and that's it. No more heated arguments in our emails because you will never level with us. I'm Dilbert and your the curly-haired-going-bald-boss. Comics came into life (hmmm.. Dilbert: The Last Stand?).


Well, enough about the scarecrow. Let's talk about US. I mean, Ali and I seems to be the devil in the group. We are not afraid to voice out our concerns (maturely). Why should we if we have every right to do so?!! But THE OTHER voices should also be heard. YOUR silence makes the scarecrow strong. He might think that since you're not talking (bluntly) about your problems, he's doing well in his job. Why can't we hear you when we need it the most (like this afternoon).

"Get up, stand up... Stand up for your right... Don't give up the fight"


Haaaay... i really need a new job.


Woot! Woot! Super Proxy vs Flash+ Game 3. And guess who won....

(I'm hearing Francis M and Eli Buendia in the background... )


Jay is currently in the US so he missed our last game. Just like last year with the CMO team, Jay was not able to play Game 3 vs QnR/PE because of his scheduled trip in the US. Now with Super Proxy, we only have 8 players left (Allan was busy with his RRP so he was unable to join us in our last game).

First Set. Full-effort! I never thought that I could last that gruelling set. My game was amateur-ish by standard. Thanks to 2 Extra Joss and my happy pill called Vitamin B 500, i lasted the first set, made a couple of spikes (2 points baby) and we won! But after set 1, i was already tired and so Deejay (Rimbon) played on the second set.

Second Set. We lost. But we fought hard. Too many damn errors. At Gamepoint (23-24), our team was unable to save the ball and lost that set against Flash+. I blame the court. Hahaha!

Third Set. We're back! Gelo "Bertud" Taylo replaced Deejay. Bertud is back! Toss here, spike there, drop here... Woot Woot! We won the third set.

Fouth Set. It's now or never. Nice spike from Emong, another one from Pedro, and another one from Jeck. Oh, and a nice one from Bertud. And... we won!

This is my second consecutive win! Last year was with CMO, this year, we have to regroup with QnR and named our team Super Proxy. Yay! Pedro, Obong (Oliver Ong) and James (pronounced as Dya-Mes) had their first win after 3-4 championship games. Jeck had his 1st win (he's with Wi-Fi last year and lost), Emong and Jay (?) with their 3rd, and as for Bertud... 4 consecutive championships. Do not under estimate the powers of Bertud Taylo!

Pedro will surely remember this championship. He'll be leaving our company and go to Singapore (hmmmm...). I'm not sure if Emong will retire (bad knee) next year. As for Jay, he needs a lot of calcium (brittle bones... old age... LOL). I'll play again next year (if I'm still here).

This is the best thing that happened today... after having another bad day with "the boss."

Happy Happy Joy Joy. Kill Them All. KILL THEM ALL!


*Btw, Mr Difficult... we're not close. WE'RE NOT CLOSE! Even when we were in College. An IEClubber does not mingle with PSME folks.

Good Insights on Da Vinci Code

What God thinks of The Da Vinci Code
by John Fischer

With The Da Vinci Code enjoying another weekend at the box office, the debate about the story's outrageous claims continues. What makes them outrageous is not that they haven't been presented before, but that they are presented with such convincing aplomb and supported by “mountains” of documentation. Of course the whole story is a fast fiction ride, documents included, but people who aren't careful about their history may not know that. Herein lies the concern of many Christians: How will people find out these claims are lies, and who will tell them?

The answer to that question lies more in the way God has set up the universe than anything. It's not an unusual question, nor is it new on the scene. It has actually been a valid question for as long as we have recorded history.

According to the Bible, God created this planet, put human beings on it, and let evil loose in the place as well as good (at least this is the shortened version of the story). Why he did this is only up to speculation as far as we are concerned, but it means that, from the beginning, we have existed surrounded by truth and error and with limited ability to tell one from the other. One could easily panic over this, but it appears that God hasn't. He seems to have a way of knowing that those who truly seek him will reach their destination, and he not only knows this, he guarantees it.

For this reason he is not too concerned about all the lies floating around. Nor does he seem to be running around nervously trying to correct every new falsehood that surfaces. In fact, some of these falsehoods appear to be getting along quite well in the world. God trusts an innate ability to recognize truth that he has placed in people, and the drama of finding that out seems to be part of the unfolding story.

Yes, people are going to be led astray by The Da Vinci Code just as they have been led astray by countless other fictions and fabrications of the truth throughout history, but the people who are led astray are the ones who are going to be fooled anyway, if not by this, then by the next thing to come along. These are people, in fact, who move from one thing to another and never alight on the truth precisely because they are not seeking the truth while those who truly are seeking are given the ability to see.

This does not mean that we don't make intelligent attempts to uphold the truth and discredit falsehood. But these will do more to confirm those who are honestly looking than to get anyone to radically change his or her mind about things. There are other factors at work here beyond our control.

To those who are open to my teaching, more understanding will be given, and they will have an abundance of knowledge. But to those who are not listening, even what they have will be taken away from them. (Matthew 13:12 NLT)

Superheroes Update

"You're not seeing the big picture here..."
Lex Luther

OMG! Another Supeman Returns trailer. How cool is that!

And come next year, Spiderman 3 returns as well... with his new blonde chick. Meet Gwen Stacy (played by Bryce Dallas Howard), Spidey's first true love. So maybe this just shows that MJ (Kirsten Dunst) will not be in the S3 movie. Blondes versus Red Heads, which one will you choose? [Source]

Bryce Dallas Howard starred in The Village (yeah, she's the blind chick), and this year, she plays the Lady in the movie "Lady in the Water."

Another Mars Ravelo comic superhero enters local television. Capatain Barbel played by Richard Gutierez looks soooo Yellow. Wahahaha! More about the show HERE. Click HERE to download the Ogie Alcasid version of the shows OST - Sa Piling Mo.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

XMEN 4: The New Superheroes

Covers Album by Jeepney Diaries

I've compiled a couple of mp3s. The theme of the first Jeeponey Diaries compilation album - Cover songs. Hope you like the tracks. Many thanks to MOKB, Silly Pipe Dreams, and m3 online for the mp3 links.

01 Sugarbabes - I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor (Arctic Monkeys Cover)

02 Johnette Napolitano & Danny Lohner - The Scientist (Coldplay Cover)

03 Bjork - So Broken (Nine Inch Nails Cover)

04 The Afghan Whigs - Creep (TLC Cover)

05 David Gray - Smile Like You Mean It (Killers Cover)

06 Petra Hayden & Bill Frissell - Yellow (Coldplay Cover)

07 The Subways - Staring At The Sun (TV On The Radio Cover)

08 Franz Ferdinand - What You Waiting For (Gwen Stefani Cover)

09 The Magic Numbers - Crazy (Beyonce Cover)

10 Gavin DeGraw - Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen Cover)

11 No Doubt - Suspicious Minds (Elvis Presley Cover)

12 Petra Hayden - God Only Knows (Beach Boys Cover)

13 Fall Out Boy - Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division Cover, m4a file)

14 Ted Leo - Dancing In The Dark (Bruce Springsteen Cover)

15 Nada Surf - If You Leave (cover)

16 Nouvelle Vague - I Melt With You (Modern English Cover)

17 Youth Group - Forever Young (Alphaville Cover)

*album art from Niccolo Cosme, edited by DJ

Monday, May 29, 2006

Monday Blues

Plan A. I fake my own death.
- Seth Cohen/The OC

Actually, that will be my Plan C. Hahaha! I'm getting tired, exhausted and lost. Let's just wait and see what happens next.

Help Him Get Laid


So, here's the story - I'm 25, and to this date, have never been laid. Yes, it's sad, but it's true. The whole story, however, is far more interesting than just the lack of sex.

When I was 21, I was engaged to be married to a woman I thought I would be with for the rest of my life, and the two of us had chosen to wait until marriage to have sex so we could share something special with each other. But when I was 22, just six months before our wedding, I discovered that she had been cheating on me and sleeping with another man. Needless to say, I was crushed. For the last 3 years I haven't really been able to bring myself to start dating again as the pain of that betrayal still runs deep inside of me. But as a man, the overwhelming urge to have sex is just starting to get to be too much for me to handle, and so I made a bet with one of my very hot (but also very platonic) female friends - if I can get 5 million visitors to this website in 30 days, she has agreed to help me with my "problem". If I can't get to five million in 30 days, I have to be her personal servant for a week, doing anything she asks me to do.

So this site is my attempt to get to 5 million hits in 30 days. The site started on May 1st, 2006, so I have 2 days left to make the bet, and so far, the total number of visitors is: 3432618

Thanks for your help - please tell a friend about this site and help me finally get laid. Together we can make this happen!


Let's help him get 5M hits. We still have a day or two to help him out. Click HERE to visit his site.

Jinky Vidal

But I dont know any magic
And tomorrow's just a dream
But something in this fantasy is real

Originally by Patti Austin, local Filipino artists made their cover version of "If I Believe." There's Carol Banawa and there's Jinky Vidal (hmmm... Vidal.... Jinky might be related to me... ha!). I personally dedicate this song to... someone out there who I hope to fall in love with (yikes!). Wherever you you are, I'll be here waiting. Wahahahaha!

If I Believe - Jinky Vidal

Come... sing with me (because I can't)

If I believe
Patti Austin

If I believed in paradise
I'd swear I must be there
I'd swear I must be there right now with you
If I believed in miracles
I'd know that one was happening to me
But if I don't believe in paradise
Then miracles aren't real
Then someone tell me what is this I feel

I wanna believe it's love this time
I wanna believe my heart's not telling me a lie
But with you I can't deny
if I believed in paradise
I'd swear I'm there

If I believed in magic spells
It all would be so clear
'Cause magic spells must have brought you here
If I could see the future
I'd see if you and I were meant to be
But I dont know any magic
And tomorrow's just a dream
But something in this fantasy is real

I wanna believe it's love this time
I wanna believe my heart's not telling me a lie
I wanna believe it's love this time
I wanna believe my heart's not telling me a lie
But with you I cant deny
If I believed in paradise
I'd swear I'm there

I'm there
I'm there
If I believed.

UPDATED: American Idol 5 - Encore

Thanks to Musicalypso for the link. Click the album title to download the whole album via Rapidshare. Click each individual track to download each song via file.tdphost!

***All inidvidual links now available! Yay!

American Idol 5: Encore

01 - Melissa McGhee - What About Love

02 - Bucky Covington - Superstition

03 - Mandisa - Im Every Woman

04 - Chris Daughtry - Wanted Dead Or Alive

05 - Ace Young - Father Figure

06 - Taylor Hicks - Takin It To The Streets

07 - Lisa Tucker - Signed, Sealed, Delivered

08 - Kellie Pickler - Walkin After Midnight

09 - Elliott Yamin - Moodys Mood For Love

10 - Katharine McPhee - Think

11 - Paris Bennett - Midnight Train To Georgia

12 - Kevin Covais - When I Fall In Love

Black is the new Red

Spiderman 3 opens next year! Yay!
So what's with the black spidey outfit? I'm not a comic book type of person so please explain it to me why? Did someone died (MJ?) or is Spidey turning into Venom? Anyway, let's see....

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Evening with Cake

...and Vicky Belo Products (LOL)

First... HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY MARIELLE TANAYA! She's my cousin/niece, Debbie and Mike's first born. Nice simple party! The party started at 4pm and lasted until 8pm. I love the brownies! Brownie-Attack!

The party place was at my aunt's place. Not all the Vidal-clan was present which is good. Think - Noise pollution. Haha! Topics ranged from College days, stretchmarks, tummy binders, my future "stepmom" (errrr.....) and Vicky Belo's products.

It started with my cousin (Cheenee) telling us that her dad went to BeloMed to get his face fixed. Smooth out the scars, no major operation. Php 17,000. Then my cousin's mom, Susan, told us that she's using Belo products and she bought them directly from the manufacturers which is cheaper by almost 50%.

My mom, my sis, my other tita (Jeannie) and my other cousin (Jaja) asked for derma advice from Susan. From bleaching soaps, to Vit. ACE, to whatever cream/ointment/formula that needs to be used in order to get that perfect skin. In monetary terms, it's about Php 800 per indivudal. Enter my other cousin, Cheeno, carrying a pink basket of Belo products. He was asked to get the items from their contact.

Let's wait and see after a month if the items that my mom and sis bought is effective. or else, that's Php 1,600 of wasted money. Hahahaha!

The night ended with a chocolate birthday cake in my hand. The much needed therapy that i need to start the week. And everyone ate a slice as well. Which i think is better than debating if an SPF 30 sunblock is enough for day to day use, or use a higher SPF. Wahahaha!

Tag Game

No one has tagged me yet so I'll just start tagging people. Hahahaha! Here are the rules:


1. The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different descriptions of their perfect lover.

2. He/she needs to mention the sex/gender of their perfect lover.

3. He/she must tag 8 more people to join this game and leave a comment on their respective sites anouncing that they've been tagged.

4. If tagged a second time, there's no need to post again.

5. Copy the whole post and repost it in your blog with your answers

And here are my answers



8 Descriptions of my Perfect Female Mate!
-Not taller than I am.
-Physically pleasing to the eyes.
-Loves to talk but knows when to STFU
-Minimal to Zero mood swings.
-Needs to play at least one physically challenging sport
-Knows how to have crazy-fun activities.
-Needs to have a good sense of humor.

8 People/Bloggers tagged
Dose of X, Fragmented, I’m Thirty Two, Life Is Not Just About Dieting, Kulotsky, Must Love Dogs, One Crazy Thought, Yuan

When I Die...

Maybe it's too early but hey, if i die, at least i want things planned out my way.

1. I want any of my usable organs donated. Anything. I'm giving them to people who needs it.

2. I want a cremation and please scatter some of my ashes to the beach (find a nice beach please) and in Tagaytay (overlooking Taal). The rest will be kept in a nice urn (nothing fancy).

3. I don't want people wearing black (please tell my parents, sister, relatives, friends and maybe future soulmate not to wear black. Wear white.

4. A 3-day wake. Nothing more, nothing less.

5. Parang awa, bawal ang sugal sa labas ng bahay! Please respect my 3-day wake. I don't want people coming to my wake just to play "sakla."

6. I want my eulogy done by my mom, my sister, and a couple of my friends

7. White roses.

8. In a typical Filipino funeral, there will be marching bands and a long walk from the church to the cemetary. Please... none of this. Convoy from the church to the cemetary is better.

9. And please, play the song Hallelujah. Play it twice. First during the church ceremony - I want a choir singing the song and please choose a good choir. AND, if possible, let my sister sing the song. In Acapella. Second is when they place my remains/ashes to the ground - play the Imogen Heap version, and just keep on repeating the song until everyone's gone.

10. No one must cry. Shed some tears but don't get over-dramatic. Oh well. Just restrain yourself from going berserk and hysterical.

Here are the mp3 links.

Hallelujah - Imogen Heap
Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley
Hallelujah - Rufus Wainwright
Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen

And here are the lyrics for the choir and for my sister...

Well Baby I've been here before
I've seen this room and i've walked this floor
I used to live alone before I knew you
I've seen your flag on the marble arch
But love is not some victory march
It's a cold and it's a broken Hallelujah


Well there was a time when you let me know
What's really going on below
But now you never show that to me do you
But remember when I moved in you
And the holy dove was moving too
And every breath we drew was Hallelujah


Saturday, May 27, 2006


Ten Rules for Being Human
by Cherie Carter-Scott

1. You will receive a body. You may like it or hate it, but it's yours to keep for the entire period.

2. You will learn lessons. You are enrolled in a full-time informal school called, "life."

3. There are no mistakes, only lessons. Growth is a process of trial, error, and experimentation. The "failed" experiments are as much a part of the process as the experiments that ultimately "work."

4. Lessons are repeated until they are learned. A lesson will be presented to you in various forms until you have learned it. When you have learned it, you can go on to the next lesson.

5. Learning lessons does not end. There's no part of life that doesn't contain its lessons. If you're alive, that means there are still lessons to be learned.

6. "There" is no better a place than "here." When your "there" has become a "here", you will simply obtain another "there" that will again look better than "here."

7. Other people are merely mirrors of you. You cannot love or hate something about another person unless it reflects to you something you love or hate about yourself.

8. What you make of your life is up to you. You have all the tools and resources you need. What you do with them is up to you. The choice is yours.

9. Your answers lie within you. The answers to life's questions lie within you. All you need to do is look, listen, and trust.

10. You will forget all this.

10 Unwritten Rules of Blogging
by Momel

1. Be polite. Remember the bit about not shitting in anyone else's backyard. Don't link a site that loads malicious software.

2. Bloggers love the attention, and they'll love you more for the comments. That means you actually took the time to speed read and digest what they're bitching about. Sure, it won't hurt to spare the details, but a generic comment is just self promotion plus the effort to verify the word string.

3. Yes, bloggers are people too. See rule #2.

4. "Just dropping by." As much as possible, if you're neither in his or her blogroll or an offline friend, avoid typing those three words in the tag board. Bloggers love the promotion, but that doesn't compare to the love of gratification for being read.

5. Blogrolls aren't there for show. There's a good reason why you're keeping this list of certain bloggers. Drop by if you have the time. But remember rule #4.

6. You don't have to exchange links if you don't want to. You will be clicking on those links every so often, so you better make sure that you're returning to a worthwhile read.

7. You don't have to comment back if you don't want to. But remember rules #1, #2, and #5. And the Golden Rule. And the Bible. And the Philippine Constitution. And all those GMRC subjects in grade school. Okay, scratch the Bible, but remember everything else.

8. Always introduce yourself.

9. There's never a boring blogger if you take the time to return. But then, remember that even online, first impressions still apply.

10. Blog about anything. It's not somebody else's space. It's not MY space. It's your space. That My Space bit was me trying to be funny. Take a picture. Grab a copy. But remember kids, it's still YOUR space.

10 Reasons why sex at the speed of light is not an advisable form of procreation
by Dr John Marshall, Ph.D. (click HERE to get the details for each reason)

1. Excessive dietary requirements
2. Deafening sonic booms (BOOM BOOM BOOM)
3. Property damage (so should i get some insurance)
4. Religious values
5. Lack of visual appeal
6. Time-dilated necrophilia
7. Relativistic flaming semen (ano to, super powers. Flaming semen. Need to get that one!)
8. Penis vaporisation (don't want to get this one)
9. Penile black hole formation (black hole?)
10. Penile length contraction (aka, the shrinking penis)

Week 21 Report

What really happened in Week21?

I was out of the office last Monday and Tuesday. Personal leave on Monday (just want that extra rest-day), US Embassy interview last Tuesday (together with Claudette, Ivan (the orangutan according to Van) and two other office-mates. After my US Embassy interview (got my Visa yesterday... yay!), i went to SM Mall of Asia for the much needed retail therapy (F&H, etc).

Then work, work, work in Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

Well, we played our volleyball game (finals). We won in the first game (Wednesday), lost in the second game (Friday). The last game will be next week. I hope we win! Jay won't be around to play because of his US Trip. We have our Bertud Taylo in the team but we also have Pedro. Bertud's team always win the championships, while Pedro never won any championship title yet.

Friday is pig-out day. We had lunch with Shirley Li in Tagaytay. Saan pa ba, syempre sa Leslie's. The place where we take our foreign vistors for their last meal in Pinas. Crispy Pata, Bulalo, Sisig, Ensalada (Tbeth, Ensalada is called Ensalada). For dinner, we went to LVM after our disappointing 3/5 set game of volleyball. We had boneless bangus, shrimp sinigang (According to their menu, it's shrimp sinigang and not sinigang na hipon), calamares, pinakbet, and a mountain-high rice. Then off to Starbucks for coffee.

Okay, let's just talk about what happened last Friday. Later na yung bastard-mode deej. :p

Starbucks. We talked about our company. Ano na nga ba nangyayari sa aming business? bakit ganon yung stocks? Oh well, ganun eh. Then the discussion lead to Cereals, then to Oatmeal, then to Van and his classmate Jowell, then the Floaters, then a lot more.

But what's interesting is how Jona, Van and I talked about R getting the job. In front of Momsie. Wahahaha!

On my way home with Jay (actually, hanggang Salitran lang), we talked about TV shows, and more work stuff. Then biglang singit ni Jay, "At least you'll have something to look forward to. Pero end of June pa nga lang." Yeah, FOR NOW, yun lang yung hinihintay ko. My San Diego trip in June.

Okay, bastard-mode on.

Fuck?! I mean. FUCK! Bakit ganon? Paki-explain nga sa akin... I was on the top 4 to get the new job, then top 2. Well, di ko nakuha yung job. I accepted and acknowledged the reason (and na-blog ko na so tapos na yun). But why wasn't I even considered to get the other job? Bigla na lang binigay kay R.

Wala akong galit kay R. He's just a victim of office politics. But where's the equal opportunity that must exist in our group? If i'm on the top 2 (of the EIT IE job), I should be considered to get the job. Explain it to me.

Jona/Van asked me last week about my thoughts of R getting the job. I just said that, well, good luck. Then last Thursday, Con kept on bugging me and asking me if i'm the one to take M's role since I didn't get the EIT IE job. Though i already knew who will take M's role, i just shut the hell up. Jona told me last night that Con talked to her (Con just found out that R will take the role and not me). I'm not sure if Con was disappointed. Con is just concerned.

PLANS: My 1:1 with my boss will be next week and I'll try to avoid it... again. I'll just talk to him AFTER our group teambuilding. Then I'll ask him to CONVINCE me why wasn't i given the opportunity (at least) to get M's job. Well, I will not be convinced. I'll ask him to set a group in one with Ria and Raf. THEY have to convince me.


So how will they convince me? Well, there are already rumors that they'll put me in the other group and be given a tactical role. They will say that I'll excel more in a tactical role and/or that I have to get tactical experience before going to Strategic.

PERO WAIT! So, why did you considered me to get the EIT IE job which has a strategic role. Which is bigger than R's job.

Then they'll argue that I was also considered but the (calculated) risk for R is lower than mine.


Grrrr.... Now my evil mind is speeding up. Passing all traffic signs. Beating the red lights.

3 months baby. 3 months!

Do I Make You Proud?

Do I make You Proud by Taylor Hicks. Not the live version. Studio version. Yay! SOUL PATROL! Just click on the link below.

I think that this song is really for Taylor Hicks. Good song choice Mister Silver Fox.

And i think that Elliott will do a better version of My Destiny than Little Miss McPhee. Right?!

Do I Make You Proud (Studio Version)
Taylor Hicks

I've never been
The one to raise my hand
That was not me
and now that's who I am
Because of you
I am standing tall

My heart is full
of endless gratitude
You were the one
The one to guide me through
Now I can see
And I believe
It's only just beginning

This is what we dream about
But the only question with me now
Is do I make you proud
Stronger than I've ever been now
Never been afraid of standing out
Do I make you proud

Everybody needs to rise up
Everybody needs to be loved
To be loved


Love the effects, love the mutant powers, love Shadowcat, story… so so. 3 major characters died/killed, 3 major characters lost their mutant powers (or maybe just one of them). I don’t know. Just watch it. I like the movie (LIKE and not LOVE).

The X-Men Team: Professor Xavier, Cyclops, Wolverine, Storm, Rouge, Iceman, Shadowcat, Colossus. And no, Archangel is not part of the team. The Brotherhood: Magneto, Mystic, Pyro, Juggernaut, Multiple Man (aka McHottie of GA), and 3 other villains. A guy (Spike?), a girl (who runs really really fast), and a guy who looks like a girl or vice versa.

Sports Report

iPlay (actually play, trying to play, played once)

Volleyball. Since elementary, I’ve been playing vball. I like the sport, not that agreessive, not that stressful (well, not extremely stressful). I’m not a pro though. I just…. Play.

Ultimate. I am trying to learn and play the sport. I trained with Jogadores twice, played with tem once. At work, we are still trying to find a good schedule to practice, train and play.

Tennis. I took an extra PE class when I was in college but decided to drop the class. It’s too early for me, the class starts at 7am twice a week. I think I have what it takes to be a good tennis player.

Badminton. The second sport with a racket in my hand. I play badminton well, it’s not rocket science. Maybe it’s the volleyball training that o had in highschool that helped me with my badminton foot work.

Table Tennis. Third racket sport. I play well against those who just wants to play table tennis for fun. I’m not exactly the Forrest Gump type.

Running. When I was in college, I (once) joined the Diliman marathon. It’s a 5-km race. I finished the race, 2 acad ovals, in less than 20mins. I can still run but give me 30-45 minutes to finish a 5-km race.

Dancing. Not the pro-type (like ballroom dancing… or ballet). I dance with a group, won a couple of awards, and that’s it.

iCant (I just can’t)

Basketball. The closest that I get in playing a contact sport is Ultimate. Basketball, well, I just don’t play the sport. No thanks. I’ll just watch basketball from the bleachers.

Soccer/Football. I won’t last 15-mins.

iHope (in ten years)

Boxing. Well, maybe, not as a sport. I’m actually looking for boxing gyms. Alternative work-out. I’m not exactly a million-dollar-baby.

Adventure Races. I now I can survive these type of races. I bike, I run, I wall-climb, I rappel (regular position and lizard drop). Just don’t let me swim because I’m a lousy swimmer.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Super Proxy versus Flash+.
Super Proxy won game 1. We won!
Wooohooo! On to Game 2 this Friday!

As the Hippies (BJ and Tyler) puts it... TTOW... To the Top Of the World!
Should it be TTTOTW! Wahahahahaha

Anyway, just heard that R got M's job. So what will happen to me boss? What's my next job? I told you that I MUST get a new one by the end of this quarter or next quarter. I said NO to layout, semi-NO to tactical. And i'm sticking with what i said last time. I NEED A NEW JOB. Maybe i just forgot to say that i'm also looking oustide our company.

Pinkish and Bored

You had a bored day... lalalala....

I was late for work today so i have to ride the jeep. 3 jeepney rides. The ride from our place to Intel.... sofuckinghot! Thank God it's not that humid. And after 20 mins, my skin just turned PINK! Can't help it, tisoy ako eh! :p And yeah, i was also wearing my pink shirt. Baka nahawa lang yung dye ng shirt sa mukha ko. Yikes.

So at the office, 130 new emails (from Friday night until this morning before 8am) got synched in my inbox. 130 unread-must-reply-now emails. Then boss emailed me and asking me to talk to an engineer and talk about some TU stuff. I didn't replied immediately, because i have 130 other emails that needs to be read, delete, and reply to. Later ka na lang.

Yosi break around 930. By then he asked me about my reply from his email. I just said Yes. Yes Sir. Ok. Sure. Ok. With matching nods. Hahaha. So fake naman me. Kainis kasi.

Now, it's lunch time. I just bought something from the canteen. Introducing, Chicken with some white sauce. Masarap siya pero i wonder how much cholesterol. Chicken and Half-Rice. Oo, HALF-RICE. Actually, half-rice (from the canteen) is equal to 1 cup of rice (from health buffs).

And now, i'm bored. And no, I did not go to the beach last weekend. Pinkish lang mukha ko ngayon kasi nga ang init. Try mo. Pero di tatalab sayo kasi maitim ka. Wahahaha!

Here is DJ: Pinkish and Bored. Wonder what else is pinkish. Hahahaha!

Daniel Powter live on AI5

To download the MP3, just click the link below

Daniel Powter - Bad Day (Live)

American Idol 5 - Finals

But we all know that the Top 2 should be Chris and Elliott….

Anyway, here are YOUR Top 2 Idols

Katharine McPhee MP3s
Black Horse and Cherry Tree
Over The Rainbow
My Destiny
*kat is the “sitting” and “kneeling” singer

Taylor Hicks MP3s
Living for the City
Do I Make You Proud
*I’m getting sick of his mannerisms

See…. Rather than a Rock vs Ballad finals, all you got is a jukebox from a lousy diner.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Why we are losing motivation on the jobs

Another one from Jobs Pundit Blog

A survey conducted by Sirota Survey Intelligence (Purchase, New York) found the great majority of employees are quite enthusiastic when they start a new job. But in about 85% of companies (52 primarily Fortune 1000 companies with total 1.2 million employees), employees morale sharply declines after their first 6 months and continues to deteriorate for years afterward, and ( to my surprise) the numbers are the same no matter the company size.

A recent HBS article did a superb job of analyzing above data. According to authors, following management practices will diminishes or even destroys employee's enthusiasm.

  • Many companies treat employees as disposable;
  • Employees generally receive inadequate recognition and reward;
  • Management inadvertently makes it difficult for employees to do their jobs. Excessive levels of required approvals, endless paperwork, insufficient training, failure to communicate, infrequent delegation of authority, and a lack of a credible vision contribute to employees' frustration.

Five Corporate Phrases Explained

Got this from Company Bitch Blog
My comments on Yellow Text

Going forward (or Moving Forward)

Example: “Going forward, would you like to receive weekly updates?”

Generally replaces “From now on,” in an attempt to convey a “Don’t look to the past for answers, look to the future!” attitude rather than a sheepish "Oops, I meant to do that, I totally won't mess up next time" subtext.


Example: “This product will literally be flying off the shelves,” or “We need to literally gather our troops for this one.”

No relation to the first, (and some might say correct) meaning of the word, “literally” can be inserted into any sentence for emphasis.


Example: “Why don’t you just shoot me an e-mail with that info?” or “I’m going to shoot over to the deli. Want anything?”

Used to convey the utmost speediness and efficiency. Prized workers do not merely send or walk, they SHOOT!


Example: “My boss was nice enough but she was a micro-manager.”

Most commonly, but not exclusively, used to mean “anal-retentive bitch,” micro-manager is the only accepted criticism of a boss. Other known meanings are “pervy creep who licked my neck at the Christmas party,” and “unbearably, heart-breakingly dumb wench who once vomited on herself at a trade show.”

Okay, new term for me to use - 'Anal-Retentive Bastard'


Example: “Let’s meet tomorrow to recap what was decided on,” or “Just to recap, Sally will be handling the information flow for this one.”

If animals in the wild are driven by hunger and the need to procreate, corporate managers are driven by the need to have meetings. Useless meetings please them because it allows for a meeting (YAY!) with none of the stress of actually preparing for it or thinking during it. Barring an actual recap meeting, recapping during a “normal” meeting can also be quite satisfying, allowing the speaker to hold the floor with no requirement of actually having something to contribute.

For Hire



Anyone from San Diego? I'll be there from June 24-28. I'm actually busy from 25-28 but just YM me if you wanna hang-out (and yes, you'll have to drive me around San Diego). I'm totally free on June 24 (in the eveneing) and June 25 (except in the afternoon).

I'll be in LA (actually, LAX) on the 24th and 28th. Connecting international flights. I'm not sure if i'll have a 3-day extension in LA (not sure if i'll call my not-so-distant-cousins, i'm not sure where i'll stay if i extend for 3 more days... low budget, have to pay the bills, credit card almost maxed up). Anyone wants to be my mommy and daddy, adopt a homeless kid, just email me. Ha!

I'm aslo planning to have a 3day stay in HK (i can postpone my flights). Just want to tour the sights, shop (errr... if i still have credit card money), and relax.

Just send me an email or YM me. I really don't want to hang out with our coordinator, Glenn "The Cat" Lubang. The IMEC Diva. Wahahahaha!


Anyway, just to say that if you want to chat with me (talk about nonsense, suicide, revenge, and whatever), add me in your YM - deejhay_diaz (don't forget the underscore).

Yeah. I was a victim of the added H in a Pinoy nickname. Like Jhay, or Jhona, or Vhan, or Ehrik, or Dheenz, or Carlah. hahahahaha!

@ Starbucks

@ Starbucks

I was finishing up my mocha frappe. I have to go home before rush hour.

Then you arrived.

The place was crowded and you asked me if the seat beside me is already taken.

I contained myself and snobbishly said to take it.

You sat there with your venti,
You took your cigar case,
You asked for a light,
And you read your book

I sat beside you, trying to build enough confidence to strike a conversation with you.
I should’ve started by asking you what chapter you’re at in the book that you’re reading, or ask you if you’ve read the book that I’m currently reading, or maybe just plain “the weather is good” small talk.

My last sip took 15minutes. I was hoping that my mocha frappe was refillable.

I then have to leave. I just have to.

I have my regrets. I guess you’ll just be a part of my “should’ve got to courage to talk to” list. But this I promise, if we meet again in the not-so-distant-future, I’ll introduce myself and talk about the goddamn weather.

Waiting for...

(1) Ginia's email.
(2) Steph's email.

I hope to get their emails this week.

Why oh Why?!?!

A couple of weeks ago, i decided to go on blog hopping. I mean, i usually visit my friends' blogs but then i went on searching other people's blogs. Interesting blogs. Pinoy blogs. I had a couple of newly found blog friends through my blog hopping. There's Bry, Erik (he has two blogs), then there's Bernadette, and so on and so forth.

I went online and checked my Yahoo mail. Erik sent me his new blog add. He said not to link him up in my blog because he has a stalker/lurker/asshole in his blog. He has to close his old blog and repost almost everything. Then i went to check Bry's blog. He said that he might close his blog as well. Dahil ba di na siya virgin kaya di na appropriate yung blog title nya (LOL).

I had the same issue last January. I have to move to a new blog address. 2 reasons: I had a lot of hate blogs and I'm just cautious... my boss or some people at work might be reading them ( ireally don't fucking care... but it's all about perception at work). Reason 2 is that there's this sonofavitch, a lurker, who wants me dead (hahahaha!).

Around April, i deleted my tag board. Too much comments on American Idol and i can't take it anymore. I'll have them back after the AI5 season.

7 Jeepney Diaries Blog House Rules:
1. This is MY BLOG and I'll do whatever i want with my Free Internet Space. Get your own blog goddamit.
2. Comments are moderated. I'm the only one who can use profane words in my blog. I might post your comments, but i have to check them first.
3. I'll link you up in my blog IF you link me up. It's a give-and-take thing.
4. If you want me to delete/unlink something from my blog, just email me and tell me why.
5. Don't tell my officemates about my blog. Only a couple of them knows my blog address.
6. If you're my boss and been reading my blog, now i know why you hate me.
7. And now you know why i hate you.

Again... THIS IS MY BLOG! A personal blog. Not entirely dedicated to American Idol, Grey's Anatomy and the OC. I just love those shows. This is not a 100% i-hate-my-boss-and-my-work blog. This is ME. Tormented, tainted, troubled, tarnished, tangina blog ko to!

it's not a sMall world after all

It’s not a sMALL world after all

Around 10am, I was done with my US Visa application/interview. I won’t go back to the office and have my share of useless staff meetings and petiks time with my boss. I told myself that I should go home and get some rest since I only had 2 hours of sleep. I took a taxi but then I told the cabbie to take me to the SM Mall of Asia.

The mall is huge! Though there are still some shops under construction, the Mall Of Asia (MOA) has the basics. I went straight to the IMAX theater but the films featured are not Php 200 worthy. Then I had my retail therapy for about an hour, decided to buy a shirt and a short in F&H. I had my Wendy’s take out and watched Over the Hedge. The regular cinemas is huge that the screen seems to be not proportional with the seating capacity. The sounds are great. And the seats are not like the ones in the other SM Malls.

Power Books is not yet open so i wondered around the mall, got lost, and found "Fully Booked." I was looking for David Sedaris' "Naked" but they ran out of stocks (ack!). I then saw "Wicked (Witch of Oz)" and the other book about Cinderella's step sister but i decided not to buy a new book until i finish the books that i boiught last month.

Around 2pm, i decided to call it a day. Last stop, Starbucks. I had my Moccha Frappe outside, smoked a couple of cigars and read a book. Every smoke puffs reminded me of college, of dreams of becoming an anti-scoial yuppie, of a better place. (Naks... Drama). I left Starbucks around 3pm and went home.

So if you want to burn some carbs, burn those calories, burn your guilt for eating that BigMac Meal. Go to SM Mall of Asia and have your retail therapy.

*I got home around 4pm. I went online, checked my office emails. 128 Unread Messages. Whatdafuck! I'll be back in hell tomorrow, my soul will be tortured, my life will be tormented forever .

Monday, May 22, 2006

Elliott is not a Retard

Kellie is... LOL

Anyway, got this email from Beck. It's about an AI discussion on Jam 88.3, a Philippine Local Radio station.

Hi Beck! Thanks for listening to Jam 88.3.

First of all, I appreciate that you and your friend
care about what we do on air. It's nice to hear that
people are really paying attention.

Regarding your email, your friend did not fully
understand what I said on air last Friday. This is
what I meant to say...

I knew that Elliot would be eliminated from the
competition because his last performance was less than
perfect. It's a cruel reality in this world that
people prefer those who are more attractive. So even
though he is just as talented as other contestants, he
has had to do a lot better vocally to earn people's
votes, since fans are less forgiving of him. (I
believe that Simon once said something to this effect

Unfortunately, Elliot is ugly and sometimes looks like
a retard when he sings. So sadly, even though he
sang just as good as the others, he didn't give his
usual stellar performance, and he got less votes than
the others.

Elliot is a great singer and, like I said on air,
he'll find his niche and will be successful. But even
though he's largely talented, I knew he would not win
American Idol since lay people often vote based on
looks and personality instead of pure singing talent.
This is one of the flaws of the "viewer's choice"
model of AI. If a panel of experts were to choose the
winner, Elliot would be a favorite.

(Incidentally, I believe that Kellie Pickler is the
opposite of Elliot. She has good looks but is lacking
in talent. But she made it further in the competition
than she actually deserved to.)

Unfortunately, good looks are also a big factor when
recording labels sign artists. It's all about
marketability and selling albums. All of this is the
unfair reality of the world we live in.

I suppose your friend just heard the word "retard" and
took it out of context. This often happens with Radio
since it is a fleeting medium. Also, I only had a
few seconds to try to make my point.

So, I hope that helps you to understand what I was
trying to get across on air the other day. I was not
Elliot-bashing. I was pointing out that he lost - not
due to lack of talent - but because he's not good

Thanks again for taking the time to write.

P.S. That's just my opinion. Of course, you have
every right to disagree if you want.

DJ Rick of Jam 88.3, Your kind of mix
"The Rick Express" 12noon-3pm weekdays
"The Blend" 4pm-4:30 Saturdays and Sundays (click "listen online" for internet streaming)

Titanic: Two The Surface

So... Jack is back!


Coffee and Cigarettes

I met Jojo this afternoon and thank god his not his usual self. Last time he just punched me hard out of the blue. I asked him why he turned out to be such an asshole last time we met and he said he was just to busy and was having a hard day... And he’s sorry. His boss turned out to be a total jerk he explained. He was having a very bad day.

So Jojo and I shared something in common. “The Big Bad Boss.” The boss that will huff and puff and blow our houses down. Crap.

I then told him how we can turn things into our advantage. No, were not planning to get revenge. No we will not get our boss fired. And no, we will not murder our bosses. We will do something legal and moral. We’ll just… hehehehe…. Plan something…. Wahahahaha! Wahahahahaha! Not gonna tell you! Ask Jojo.

After two cups of coffee and almost a pack of cigarettes, we plotted, we conceptualized, we dealt with our problems. We even made caricatures of our bosses in tissue papers which we will use later to wipe our ass. That’s the first part of our plan. Ack! Now, the hardest part of our plan is how to act as suck-ups before the big surprise. I told him to take my happy pills everyday (aka Vitamin B complex). An orange pill a day will keep the boss away. He said we should smoke weed before we go to work. Well, Vitamin B is cheaper than weed. And I don’t smoke weed. Well, I smoke weed but it will just make me happy and hungry while Vitamin B keeps me alive and energetic the whole day.

Let’s see what happens after 3 months.

Wait… Vince, are your reading my blog?

Jojo and I will meet again 2 weeks from now and update our PERT/CPM.

By the way, here's my new look. It took me the same time (fixing my hair) even more when i had longer hair. 20 minutes. Wahahaha! Erik, yeah, let's wait in September, let's see if bleached hair is back.

I also have my 5-week project. Gym+Diet+Health project. No, i will not monitor my calorie intake. I'll just burn whatever i eat. 15 glasses of water, 6-8 hours of sleep, 2-3x a day at the gym, stretching exercises at home, etc. I'm in my target weight and i just need to convert my fat to muscles. Let's see what happens in 5 weeks.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

There's Hope For Chris and Elliott

There is hope for our fallen idols, Chris and Elliott. Remember Jennifer Hudson? She in the movie, Dreamgirls, together with Beyonce, Jamie Foxx, Eddie Murphy, Danny Glover, and Anna (what's her name again). Who would've thought that Jennifer Hudson will land the role...

I'm gonna watch Dreamgirls. It opens in December 2006 but i think it will be shown around January 2007 here in the Philippines (damn MMFF!!!!). I love musical movies. Chicago, Moulin Rouge, Rent, even Charlie's Chocolate Factory's singing gnomes (errr... lumpa-lumpas? those little critters, those characters who looks like Mahal and Mura... LOL).

So what will happen to Chris and Elliott? They'll probably have their own albums and be big shot celebrities.

Fame comes and goes
Stars rise and fall
But dreams live forever

Everybody now... AWWWWWWW!

New Hair

I had my haircut this afternoon at Danny's. It's hot, and it takes me 10-15minutes just to fix my hair before i go outside. Just want a wash-and-wear haircut. And while on the subject of hair, Danny asked me if i want to get highlights or have my hair..... bleached! Whatdafuck?

He said that i have to get my har dyed if i want to have a better bed-head hair. As you can see, black hair doesn't really show volume or fullness... especially when your hair is cut short. But bleached? Nahhhhhh. A Taylor Hicks look won't look good in me. I bleached my hair once, way back in college. And it was awful!

So i might get highlights by June. Maybe before my trip in San Diego. I trust Danny, he's my hair savior for the past 10 years.

I'll post my new look picture soon. Just have to get rid of this zit in my face.

The Da Vinci Bored

I read the book a year ago and THE BOOK is really great. But the movie... I hated it. It was a poor adaptation. The graphics are great, the cast is great, but the way the story unfolded was not that interesting. It's like a documentary type of movie but with some drama involved. After all the hype and the good making of a plot, the movie was an utter dissapointment.

It was a great opener, with Silas and all. But as the story goes, i got bored and fell asleep for about 1-2 minutes.

Silas was the best character in the movie. He's a great actor, remarkable, and so pastily white! The self flagellation scene was great. But when Silas got shot, the story died as well (oops.. sorry for the bloggers who have not read the book....)

Audrey Tottou (i dunno how to spell her name) was... errr... cute. I just love her. She's one cool French Chick. Again... cute. Like Amelie-cute. What i hate about the movie is how the turned Sophie into a dumb French chick. And the chemistry between Sophie and Langdon seems to not materialize in the movie.

The story of Opus Dei was not mentioned, the history of Silas and Sophie was poorly shown. They gave more detail on why Langdon was claustrophobic. You'd expect certain key scenes to take place and sadly, they were not shown. Like how the Priory of Sion festvities happen, etc. And what about Robert Langdon. Yeah, it's Tom Hanks, but TH ain't the right guy to play Langdon's role.

The DVC movie was overrated, overhyped and did not live up to it's name.

Argh. I should have watched "Over the Hedge" instead.

Saturday, May 20, 2006


...Everything with you is so different. So different that, I don’t know how much I love you anymore. Let me rephrase that. I love you so much I don’t how much anymore. I love you despite the fact that I was never the first one to conquer your heart....

...I love you. And I told you before if it ever come to a point that you want your freedom, let me know and let's talk about it. I will let you go even if that hurts like hell. And even if it hurts like hell, I love you still. And I don’t want us to get to the point that hating each other is the only way for us to part....

...I love you the way I know you. And I will be loving you the way I remember you until I cannot love you anymore. Remember, I may not know how much I love you. But two things are certain. That i love you and that I want to love you for the rest of my life. When time comes for you to leave me, I won’t run after you, won’t give in to a whimper, won’t cry. I would let you go. I will not do the cruel and selfish thing to ask for you to do something foolish, for a chance and the risk of not knowing what the future will bring, with me....

...someday, perhaps, I will watch other people breathing as they sleep, up close, like this. But they will be different people. But they will not be you. And it will not be the same....

WAAAAAAH! These are only excerpts from Erik's blog.

What, Where, When, Why and How

Reality just hit me hard. Nothing spectacular (or suck-tacular) happened today but maybe that was it. For the past 23 years I’ve always lived a quite life. I am an over achiever yet I was unable to appreciate all my achievements. A job well done, a tap on the back and that was it. Move on, do the next thing on my list. So what’s wrong?

It seems that everything that I did was dictated by someone. Do this, do that. Reasons were laid out, and I must keep my eye on the prize. Failure is not an option. It’s do or die. Maybe I’m exaggerating, but that’s how it felt.

I need a breath of fresh air. I need to go somewhere. Somewhere far from where I live, from where I work. And I need to do it before I hit 27. Why 27? BY the time I hit 27, my sister will hopefully graduate from college and that means we both can split the expenses at home. By 27, I’ll have more than 5 years of work experience (whether in the same company, or cumulative).

I won’t tell you about my plans just yet. Need to carefully plan for it. Just wish me luck.


“I’ll be going to Dubai next month. And don’t tell your mom because I haven’t told mine.”

I met my cousin, Cindy, this afternoon at the mall. Cindy is 24, single, and a lesbian (not the butch type of lesbian). She’s one of my closest cousins. She told me the news when we went to our other cousin’s place. That other cousin is Debbie.

Debbie is 23, she’s married with Mike, they have a kid named Marielle Tanaya (my god daughter), and both of them are out of work. Debbie is like a semi-probinsyana girl. She’s lazy (hahaha! Kidding). But all I can say is that she chose a simple life.

The fourth cousin is Cheeno. He’s 21, works at a call center, arrogant, and had a surgery on his tonsils. We were never that close but he’s always a part of the “4 cousins.”

When we were kids, since we’re on the same age +/- 2, our moms were close. Thing is that there was no competition among the 4 of us. We are proud of what we accomplished, we were proud of ourselves. But right now, I was beginning to doubt myself. At some point, I was trying to compete against them that I have to be the best that I should achieve more. But now, I realized that whatever happens, the 4 of us will stay together and be together.


A year ago I was 115lbs, thin but lean. I go to the gym at least 1x a week.
Now, I’m 135lbs, developing love handles, fat and lazy.

I need to go back to the gym. I told myself that there’s nothing wrong with me gaining weight. But I need to convert fat into muscles. Call me vain but let’s face it. We live in a superficial world.

I just need to get lean again.

Friday, May 19, 2006


I work because I have to. I have to pay my credit card bills, save money for my sister’s college allowance next semester, pay the phone, buy food… In short, I have a lot of bills to pay yada yada yada. Though I got a fair amount of salary increase last April, the cost of living just went up the market and the eVAT sucks like hell. So the only way that I can deal with these money issues is just to have a good week at the office. Yet, WW21 has been exceptionally suck-tacular. Bigtime. Solid. Ever.

My Monday turned out to be hell. I was about to explode but thank God, Jay helped me deal with my boss (through email). Some people don’t want to grow up. They want to stay in fucking Neverland and play with the fairies. Or is he just power tripping? You chose the wrong guy you miserable moron (okay, i’m exaggerating). There are other ways of dealing with what happened. Start with carefully choosing your words in your email. IMAGINE that you’re my boss. I know it’s hard to imagine that you’re my boss, but let’s just pretend, for just a minute, that you are. And by the way, why do you have to copy our big boss? You just can’t deal with me don’t you?!

My Monday started suck-tacularly. I really don’t have enough energy to deal with my boss in the rest of the week.

Okay, enough of my boss. Let’s talk about our dream, our careers, our wonderful life. Let’s talk about the rainbow after the rain and the silver linings. Happy Happy Joy Joy!

The end of the day news: people will rotate in our organization. Since Mr 1266 EIT IE will move out of his strategic role, he’ll be leaving 5 jobs (Napa, Sta. Rosa, Yonah, VF Test CPA, LRP Back-up). Who will rotate? I dunno. Jona said last week that we should trust management. I just can’t. Even if I say it/ write it 3 times. I have my own plans. And this time, I can’t compromise my plans. It’s my turn to choose and decide. Or else, my work-life will be once again, suck-tacular.

What makes my week un-suck-tacular?
1. My Intel Friends
2. And my US trip next month.
3. A fast-paced career

After my US trip, I’m left with friends and a fast-paced career. Will that be enough for me to stay here?

Must Watch Clip of Grey's Anatomy

Thursday, May 18, 2006

He Shall Return in June 2006


And E-MAN got rigged by a lousy 0.20%

Okay. Just so we're clear, i didn't like what happened in AI5. Anyway, between Kat and Taylor, my money is on the Soul Patrol. Anyway, during the results show, the remaining idols sang their song in the AI5 Album - Encore. Here are the mp3s (from the results show) and the list of songs in the album.

Taylor Hicks - Taking it to the Streets (with his Mental Ward dance steps)
Katharine McPhee - Think (think Kat, THINK... You little BRATinella!)
Elliott Yamin - Moody's Mood for Love (yeah, we've fallen in love with E-man!)
Chris – Wanted Dead or Alive (not from the show but from the Regis and Kellie show)
Paris – Midnight Train to Georgia
Kellie – Walkin’ After Midnight
Ace – Father Figure
Bucky – Superstition
Mandisa – I’m Every Woman
Lisa – Signed, Sealed, Delivered
Kevin – When I Fall In Love
Melissa – What About Love

And here's the download link of the Ford Commercial, Young at Heart . Cute. And why was Paris on the video... hahahaha! Anyway, If you missed the show, just click HERE to download the full episode

/some of the mp3s,vids,screen caps from TVgasm, SingingFish, IdolSpot and other Idol fansites. /

Tribute to Elliott Yamin

First it was Chris Daughtry. Then there's Elliott Yamin. GAWD! I'm sure, once they have their own albums, it will reach the billboards in just a couple of days!

Anyway, click HERE so you can download ALL of Elliott Yamin's media files (videos, mp3s). The media files from Idolspot's website (yay!). As for the full version of Moody's Mood for Love, i'll try to post it tomorrow (live performance). Here's the E-Train Radio from myBOLT. Enjoy!

Chris Daughtry - Dead or Alive

Chris Daughtry, live on Regiis and Kellie singing Dead of Alive.
Click HERE to download the mp3.
Click HERE to download the short video

Or just watch it here, via Bolt

Bye Seattle Grace Hospital

This was deleted from the season finale.

Anyway, here are the other mp3s (external links) that i forgot to post. Thanks to Diana and Annie!

"Grace" by Kate Havnevik

"Look At Her Face" by The Coral Sea

"Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol (Album Version)