Thursday, April 27, 2006

Working at Starbucks

Not exactly working. We decided to go to Starbucks (Tagaytay) and have our meeting there…

DJ : Naku daming mag-lunch sa baba. Pwede ba magpadeliver?
TBeth : Lunch out na lang tayo.
Jona : Tagaytay… may meeting ba kayo sa hapon
All : Wala

Okay, so DI PA DIN KAMI NAG-LUNCH OUT. We decided na after lunch na lang, from 1-3, dun mag-meeting. Meeting about TU (Total Utilization). We asked Vince, Vince said yes.

Supposedly di kasama si Vince…. Hehehe. Sinama na din naming para isang meeting na lang. Dapat kasi kami muna bago i-pre-present naming sa kanya bukas.

2 cars, 6 IEs. I was with Jona and TBeth. Some interesting conversations in the car. Anong topic… hehehehe… basta something to do about meeting minutes, and yung mga internet websites na nasa Favorites.

Everyone had their venti. We settled in the 2nd floor, thank god di mainit. We look like college kids studying for an exam . Simula kami ng meeting and okay naman. Actually, I think it’s more effective. Aside from yosi and an overly priced venti mocha frappe, the pressure of work (errr…. The faces of stressed out people in the office) was lifted off from our shoulders.

Okay, the CAM ENGG group eh nasa Starbucks din. Pumanget and view ko.

We left tagaytay around 3:30pm. Then umuwi na kami! Actually check muna ng email baka may announcement na about the EIT IE job…. WALA PA RIN?

While driving back to the office, may mga mas interesting conversations. MBA, MSIE, studying abroad, working as a barista and Tbeth making an impression of Paris Bennett.

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