Monday, April 03, 2006


Must Have in 2007! Need to save money and device an evil plan to get one. You can chip in. It's only around $1,000. :)

Check out the video by clicking HERE.

I prefer the Samsung Model. Click here to find out more. I want the Q30 RED model. The ASUS model looks nice. And so is the FOUNDER model. I wonder if Apple will come out with one? HP? Dell?



Checking out your favorite movie during a road trip. Downloading and listening to the latest hot tunes at the coffee shop. Surfing the Web at the beach while your friends surf the waves. More than ever before, people around the world are demanding simpler, more convenient ways to access and enjoy their favorite digital content while on the go.

The Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC) addresses these needs with small, stylish products you can carry with you everywhere you go. The UMPC devices offer ultra-portable sizes and long battery life, plus full PC and Internet capabilities, so you can access your favorite web pages anytime, virtually anywhere!

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