Saturday, April 22, 2006

TV Addict

  • Mommy's back! After a long hiatus, Alias was back on TV. She'll be kicking ass again, with the muscular Sydney look. Wooohooo. Alias is back with 2 episodes (SOS and Maternal Instinct). And next week marks their 100th episode!
  • Mission Impossible 3 premieres May 5! I think that this will be the best installment of MI. JJ Abrams.... need i say more? Speaking of JJ Abrams, he is taking on a new Star Trek movie. Star Trek movies (and the TV show) is a big flop (sorry Star Trek fans, di ako Treky eh). Will JJ Abrams make a difference or will this career suicide?
  • Just finished the first season of NBC's Surface. Season 1 has 15 episodes. Surface is like one of those shows like Invasion and Threshold. I love Miles' character. He's such a great kid. Read his blog at Season 2 will be back on air in May 15.
  • One of the current Lost cast members has been signed to a new CBS TV series ... which means that his/her time on the island is coming to an end. First it was Boone (Ian), then it was Shannon (Maggie Grace), and now.... At least you'll know how the next character will leave this show... He/She will die. I'm just curious how. Click HERE if you want to know who it is.
  • Commander-in-Chief will be back next week on ABC. Will she win the re-elections?
  • Thank god that last week's Amazing Race 9 episode was a non-elimination round. I hope the Hipppies get to the final 3. Fearless prediction: MoJo, The Hippies, and the Frat Boys. Now, now, there's a rumor that the Frat Boys are actually gay. They were seen partying with another team a couple of months ago. And it's not with Dani and Danielle, they were with BJ and Tyler. SO what's wrong? Click HERE to find out why.
  • Another reality TV news: Bruce of Survivor Exile Island got sick so last week's episode is a non-tribal council episode. And what's up with Shane and Courtney. I think they miss their anti-depresants. But wait, rumor has it that Shane won this year. Again... rumors. Click HERE. Anyway, check out Shane in MySpace.
  • The OC and One Tree Hill might have their final season. High school is almost over and it's time for college. Maybe these shows will have one last season just like Dawson's Creek. Maybe Seth will end up with Marissa, Ryan with Summer. Or maybe there will be a hybrid show, "One OC." You wish.
  • Speaking of last seasons, how about Prisonbreak? Michael (Wentworth Miller) only has 2 weeks to get his brother out of Fox River. What will happen if they get out? Will they call the show "The Fugitive" or "The Scofield Brothers?"
  • Back to "The OC," Adam Brody is on the movie "Thank You For Not Smoking" together with Aaron Eckhart, Kattie Holmes, Maria Belo, Sam Elliot, Rob Lowe, William H. Macy and Robert Duval.
  • Another interesting movie is Hard Candy. It stars Ellen Page who plays Halley in the movie, out for revenge for her sister's death. So who "killed" her sister? Patrick Wilson (who plays the character of Jeff) who's a pedophile. What's interesting is that Halley is only 15 years old, and she's trying to seduce a 40 year old man. Yikes! The movie also stars Jennifer Holmes and Sandra Oh (Grey's Anatomy).

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