Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Technicolor Life

I am different. I am unique. I don’t wear the same black suit at work. I’m comfortable with my shirts and jeans. I don’t go overboard at work. Steady pace towards the goal: Hitting speed bumps along the way, occasionally running through Pit Stops. I enjoy life outside the office by myself. Making stops at a coffee place with a good book in my left hand and a lit cigar in my right. I spend time alone, wondering what will happen in 5, 10, 15 years. I don’t shy away from reality and the stereotyped concept of life. The problem with people is that they COPY other people’s routine. They become other people’s shadow.

I’m comfortable with my life. I constantly change my routine. I may not be that spontaneous but I enjoy every minute I spend in this planet.

I will not be the person who you think you want me to be. I’m not your art project. I won’t be defined with brush strokes or color textures. My world might be black and white from where you stand, but from where I stand, I’m living in a Technicolor show.

I am a catalyst. I might be stubborn but my tenacity makes me unique.

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