Monday, April 03, 2006

Sing A Song

So a lot of my friends say that I need to stick to dancing. Wala daw akong future sa pagkanta. Well, I'm not the worst singer, I can sing a couple of notes. My first performance with the IE band was hilarious (and depressing). After that, I was FORCED to sing in this bar in tagaytay. Then again sa Videoke. I tried again (try and try until I die) in Frio Mix last year and it seems that I'm improving (must be the alcohol). Superpractice when we were in Pampanga. And now, I'll try again.

Sabi nga sa American Idol, it's all about the song. A song that will represent both your personality and talent.

I started with 214 by Rivermaya... Disaster!

"Am I real, and do the words I speak before you make you feel..."

Okay. The lyrics, it's not me! I rarely speak to people about my feelings, my emotions. I'm not pathetic or anything. But I tend to keep my emotions to myself... which is bad. Right now, I'm learning how to communicate in the emotional level.

Crazy For You... semi disastrous, completely hilarious.

"Because I'm crazy for you, touch me once and you'll know it's true"

I'm not going gaga over someone. Not right now. Di ako in-love. Natapos na lahat nung HS/College. I kept on avoiding questions like, "May crush ka ba ngayon?" or "May balak ka ba ligawan?" I'm a very private person. But once I get head over hills for someone, nag-iiba kulay ng mundo ko. Right now, I'm in a complete limbo.

Creep by Radiohead. "Cause I'm a creep"

Well, yeah. Minsan Creep. Always pasaway. I love this song song. It's for people that I know. People who thinks that they are so f*cking special.

Now, yung next line sa baba, I hope to sing it soon.
Holds my true emotions.
Deej = Lovefool or Lovefull? Ha!

" ....i wanna hold you in my dreams and make believe that it's true. and though i know i know that it's impossible to do coz you're a're a million miles away from me"

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