Sunday, April 16, 2006

Revenge 101

Now, you want revenge. How to do it is always the problem. Killing will put you to jail since everyone’s into CSI. Blackmail is old school. Here’s how…

1. Old School, put an ad in tabloids. Penpal! Effort: 7/10, Impact: 6/10

2. Register your mobile number to one of those TV-text shows. You know, where your message appears on national TV (even in cable). Send an obscure meesage and leave his/her number (home/office/mobile number). Surprise surprise! Effort: 8/10, Impact: 7/10

3. Make a MySpace/Friendster account with his/her picture. Write obscure details in his/her profile and immediately add people. After a month, add his/her friends. Sweet! Effort: 9/10, Impact: 8/10

4. With item number three, add a Photoshoped naked picture. Effort: 10/10, Impact: 9/10

5. Subscribe his/her office mail to newsgroups and mail spam. Effort: 6/10, Impact: 8/10

6. Subscribe his/her office mail to porn. Make sure you do this at home. And do it over the weekend so that by Monday… WHAM! Effort: 5/10, Impact 10/10

Imagine how he/she’ll react when porn emails start popping in his/her laptop!
If you want full revenge, do everything.


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