Thursday, April 13, 2006

Pizza, Crepe and some (Poker) Chips

First stop last Tuesday – Yellow Cab in Tagaytay. Party of 10, two 18’ pizza, Sola and soda.
24 slices of pizza, and the only way to get your slice is to put your finger on it (literally).

Did I mention that you have to wet you fingertip with your own saliva before touching your slice?????

Then we went to Café Britton for some Mango Crepe which is SOOOOO NICE!!!!!!!!

After stuffing ourselves with pizza (I had a slice of cheese, seafood (errr… shrimp) and acnchovy pizza) and mango crepe (did I mentioned that it was nice???!?!?!), we went straight to Jona and Van’s (and KJ’s) place to play Texas Hold ‘em Poker! We don’t have playing chips so we had coins with a 1:2 ratio in terms of actual currency. Jay was the dealer, 6 of us played – Van, KJ, Jona, Ria, Jowell and I.

With 100 peso starting chips, one by one, people needs to bid goodbye from the playing table. Van was the first one to go, then Jona, then Jona returned to play 50 bucks more (we don’t follow the poker rules), but she also cashed out after a few rounds, then KJ. Jay was tired so we played a couple more rounds and decided to call it a night. I was the big winner (+200), then Jowell (+100), then Ria (+50). They told me that I only had my beginner’s luck that night since it was my first time to play with them. Yeah, maybe luck was on my side. But I think that it was my “pusoy days” at the IEC tambayan that helped me play this game.

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