Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Pig Innards

Okay. Almost everyone had their “Post-Lent” post. Talk about peer pressure! Don’t worry, this is just a short post. If you want to read a long one, go to Van’s blog!

I miss the good old days where Holy Week = No Classes. Now, I have to be at the office until Wednesday, 4pm. I missed the lunch-out at Gerry’s with my college friends. Juvi YM’d me yesterday and told me that they went drinking that same night. Argh! Moving on to….

I started my TV Shows marathon. Jay downloaded a couple of tv shows and I watched it one by one. In the evening, I went to church (not for Visita Iglesia) for no apparent reason. I just sit there, looking at Catholic devotees and people who use “Visita Iglesia” as an excuse to go out for a road trip. Then, before midnight, I ate barbequed pig innards. YUM!

I watched a lot of DVDs – Little Manhattan, Rumor Has It, Nanny McPhee, Under the Tuscan Sun. Then I went online to check my emails, blog, and edit Alina’s blog. Then I edited my blog as well. A not-so-productive day for me. In the evening, we watched the “prusisyon” but I got bored so I went back inside and Googled.

Watched some DVDs, finished the blog templates and slept! In the evening, I locked myself up in my room and took time thinking about the future (yeah right!).

I went to church in the evening and saw a couple of familiar faces. Migs and his family (I think) was there, Niccolo and Chino (right?), then there’s Cocoy, Jamie, and the popcorn vendor. Then I watched Capote and Havoc DVD, drank one glass of milk and went to lalaland!

Okay, my long weekend was unproductive. For some people, it might even sound boring. Maybe I choose to stay at home and rest. Maybe I need a new hobby, or not. Before you judge the way I live my life, take a look at your own life.

Maybe my life is not that boring after all. Maybe yours is. I chose silence over chaos.

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