Monday, April 03, 2006

Philippine FM Stations

I miss listening to local FM. Since I started working, i rarely listen to my favorite FM stations. Thank god for internet streaming...

Here are just some of the local FM radio stations.I miss the Morning Zoo Crew. I love that show every weekday morning. Puts a smile in my face. The show got banned around 2004. Tetanus + Slick Rick + Mojo Jojo... I miss them. I miss Tetanus and her horoscopes, the horror "sex" stories from Mojo Jojo, and Slick Rick and his sarcasm.

Enjoy my favorite Pinoy FM stations...

Jam 88.3
Wave 89.1
Magic 89.9
Monster RX
99.5 DWRT
107.5 NU Rock

LoveNotes (Not sure if this is fully functional. I'm getting some problems streaming this station)

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