Saturday, April 15, 2006

Meet 'Difficult'

WTF! Okay, so this guy falls under the category “Worst Dressed Male” on top of his other achievements such as “Worst Face,” “Worst Guy” and “Worst worst” (if there is such a thing as being in the bottom of the worst list.” It seems that having a Loser sign in his head was not enough. This guy crave for attention. I know people who has Attention Deficit syndrome, but he’s worst than everyone. He joined the Companiy’s Dating game last year and yes, he was a sore loser. We kicked him out in the dance group as well (having two left feet is an understatement).

A few weeks ago, he joined the company’s Summer Hunk competition. I was spared of watching the not-so-pleasing contest since he’s in the other factory who had their separate annual summer trip. Thanks to Allan for sharing the pics.

Does this guy know the difference between boxers and board shorts?

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