Friday, April 07, 2006

The Lines Are Now Open

And this is the American Idol! Wahahaha! Nah…

I’ve been ranting and raving about my job for the past… errr… 1year and 9months. I applied to other companies last 2005. I made it through the interview part in Company P (but they were offering a trainee job which I really don’t like). For Company U, they called me 4-5x for an interview but never did made it (I was lazy to go, and to busy to be absent).

Plan B. That was Plan B – Look at other opportunities and see if they can offer me a better job and a better pay. Not that Company I is not offering me those things, but I guess, as human beings, we always want something better.

Why did I skip Plan A? Actually, Plan A just came this afternoon. Our manager opened the new position.

Application on Monday
Auditions on Wednesday
Final Performance on April 18
Results show on April 20
Album recording on April 24
US Tour on late July

This puts Plan B on hold. And if I get this job, Plan B will be on-hold for about 1.5years.

My chance of getting this gig is high, with a CL of about 75%.

Need to update my resume. Or can I just submit my 2004 and 2005 focal reviews?

Who am I against with? Let’s see…

Disclaimer: I’m thinking out loud and performing aggressive what-if scenarios with my half-dead brain. I’m making up pseudo names. No pun intended!

MDG and Adobe Boy will be leaving the group by the end of this quarter… Unless they want to apply for it and take their resignations back.

Poker Girl. She just joined the group. She needs to shine shine shine first.

Twater and Lola’s Singer might apply. But in terms of tenure and Maturity (yes, the M word), I have more of them.

Speedy Gonzales might also apply. He has both Cap and Area background. But in terms of the Area in which this new job requires, I’m more experienced than him.

HHWWPSSP Boy. No area background, minimal Cap background.

Dugong. Errrrr.

Pining. Dugong has better chances than Pining.

Young Curly Girl. Not sure but she has strong Cap/Layout background.

Cristina Paner. Cap background only.

Beauty Queen. Cap background only.

Sbarro. She’ll be busy with Napa.

Enrique. Sbarro said that Enrique will work on Sta. Rosa.

Bebe. She’s in a new position after Adobe Boy leaves.

Ace Yance. We’ll, he’s more senior than I am. But he’ll be working on BD in Q4. I’d say he will get the job IF he applies and won’t handle BD.

Alina McPhee. Both of us are at the highest peak of our Maturity (again… the M word). No what0ifs here, but surely, it’s one hell of a competition if we’re against each other (which I really don’t want to happen).

Okay, enough of the what-ifs. Paranoia. Need Advil! Musaaaaaaaaa!

Let’s just wait and see. Call 1-866-IDOL-DEEJ. That’s 1-866-IDOL-3335. These are 1-866 numbers and not 1-800 numbers!
Lines will be open on April 18.

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