Monday, April 03, 2006

In My Face!

Hmmm.... do I really look like them? Haha! Got the results from

You need to upload a picture and the a program will scan your facial features and will match it with a celeb.

I upload my picture and....

Billy Bob Thornton - 75% (well, kasi naka trucker's cap ako sa pic, and billy bob's pic eh naka cap din sya...)
Liam Aiken - 66% (so now mukha akong pre-schooler? haha)
Ashton Kutcher - 62% (walang kokontra)
Tony Jaa - 61% (Chinese actor? I'll ask google)
Stephen Chow - 56% (another Chinese actor)
Joshua Jackson - 55% (where is Joshua Jackson? Laos na ba sya after dawson's creek?)
Johnny Depp - 55% (Johnny Depp = JD, David John = DJ)

Then uploaded my second pic....

Anthony Kiedis - 71%
Billie Joe Armstrong - 67%
Fabio Cannavaro - 60%
Martin Luther King - 57%

I'll look for a better pic.

By the way, MyHeritage will also match your pic to the opposite sex. Weird lang, may hawig daw ako kina Bic Runga, Mother Teresa, Uma Thurman, ELizabeth Taylor, Charlize Theron and Marilyn Monroe... hahaha!

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